Working 9 Hours and Keeping Up the Primal Lifestyle

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I ​decided to put myself to a little test these last two weeks.

A friend asked me to help out in his rather large retail store. I didn’t like the idea much as I used to own and run my own retail stores.

I know how crazy it can get at this time of year, so at once thought that I couldn’t do it. It would negatively impact my work as Health Coach and Writer, by taking 6 to 9 hours out of my day, plus it would have me running around the store like a headless chicken.

How was I supposed to coach clients, write my blog and write my book? My friend had different plans and kept nagging at me, then I had an idea; I could use this time to run a test on myself to see how I can function working a hard job all day long and then to stay on track with my own nutrition, fitness and lifestyle program, to really put myself in my clients’ shoes.

Of course, I hear clients complain quite a bit about time management and being too tired to stay on track, or going off track because they just don’t have time to follow the fitness program and so on. Alright I thought, let’s do this and put yourself to the test!

O​ff I went 2 weeks ago and dove into this retail work. I didn’t have much of a plan, other than to help out best I can, be serious about the work, work hard and stick to my Primal Lifestyle program. The first 2 days I failed miserably.

I forgot to bring my brunch (as I don’t eat until 1pm), and there wasn’t a decent choice of food nearby that would be Primal and good for me. I decided to fast all day long thinking it will be fine, while working and running around all day long. That day didn’t end well.

I was shattered and didn’t manage to workout, instead collapsed on the sofa, watched TV and went to bed early. The next day I wised up a bit by bringing along 5 boiled eggs and a protein bar. That worked somewhat better, but of course wasn’t enough either…

Same thing that night, hungry, tired and no fitness. I had to figure this out, so I did. I went to Whole Foods and shopped my meat and veggies for the week planing 6 dinners and brunches, along with some extra eggs and avocados. I then started cooking every night (no more going out), made myself a great dish of Primal Foods, such as Beef Stroganoff, minced Pork with sauteed veggies etc.

Then I made sure to make more than double portions, so I could take the left overs the next morning. From then on I was able to not be stressed about when and how to get the right food, not worry about shopping or eating out, ate dinner at home every night (saving money), and took my brunch to the store every day for me to enjoy a wholesome first meal of the day. The result was me feeling much better, no more stress and much less tired.

O​nce I got my food intake system set, I had plenty of energy and the desire to get my power walks done in the mornings and evenings, as well as my workout & lifestyle routines throughout the week. This made my head feel clear, made me happy and enabled me to create the time I “didn’t have” to function properly under work stress and still execute a solid Primal Lifestyle plan.

T​he lesson I learned was that being organized and planning ahead are key to your success. Working all day without considering yourself and your well-being will dramatically backfire on your health and well-being. Thankfully this little experiment (hard as it was), has given me more insight and determination to encourage clients and everyone who will listen to organize themselves and prioritize YOU, not just work.

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H​ave a great week!

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