Why Intermittent Fasting is great for a Healthy Lifestyle and to Support Weight Loss!

The three musketeers. Eggs, Bacon and Avocado.

And How to practice this ancient “Eating Technique” the right way!

There is a lot of noise about Intermittent Fasting, or IF and even just Fasting at this time. As a Primal Health Coach it’s my mission to help thousands of people return to good health by teaching them how to practice a healthy lifestyle safely, and how to eliminate all medications and poisons out of their diet. Remember, every medication contains and active ingredient, a chemical, which is poison and not good for us. It has one effect for one problem you may be experiencing, but another effect for something else going on in your body. Meds override the natural flow of hormones and genes, which logical tells us can’t be good for us.

Back to Intermittent Fasting and why it is beneficial for your Body, and promotes Weight Loss:


Bacon Avocado Spinach Salad, always a winner for Lunch!

The first thing you need to know about Intermittent Fasting is that you shouldn’t just set off to do it, off the bat. That won’t go well. Why? You will actually be stressing your body if you just go cold turkey IF. Unless you already are an efficient fat burner, your body is a stuck in it’s carbohydrate and sugar dependancy metabolism. Carbs and sugar turn into glucose in the bloodstream and act as a “fast burn” easily accessible source of energy for you body.

Now, if you suddenly cut the usual feeding frenzy times from 3 or more to 2 or less a day, and have a large time window where you don’t eat at all, your body is going to get stressed. It will be looking for glucose for fuel, but as you have spent it all (and haven’t loaded up again), your system can’t find the fuel to burn, leading to it going nuts. Meaning, your stomach will be churning and sore, you will be shaking, short tempered, pissed off, agitated, and likely will have headaches.

All of those symptoms show up as you are depriving your body of sugar! Yes the culprit to all of this is SUGAR! It’s 10 x more addictive than Heroin or Cocaine, think about that! To add insult to injury, the symptoms create stress; meaning your brain senses a stressful and threatening situation to your body, with the natural response being the release of the fight of flight hormone – Cortisol –  into your bloodstream, to warn you of the danger. Cortisol then gets pumped into your heart which is bad for your heart and over time, stresses like this with excessive release of cortisol can lead to heart disease and or stroke.

So now you know why you don’t want to just jump on a band wagon and start fasting in the belief that this will solve a weight issue. It won’t, it will frustrate you and make you sick. The right way to go about this is to continue eating at your normal time, but to slowly cut all of the grains, carbs and sugars out of your diet, and at the same time load up on healthy organic vegetables, healthy clean meats, eggs and avocados.

I recommend to taper yourself off the carbs within week 1. In week 2 I recommend to remove all carbs and sugars from your diet completely. If you continue eating your regular breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, but making sure you are eating slowly and not over eating, after 3 to 5 weeks you will transform your body into an efficient fat and ketone burning metabolism.

It takes the body that amount of time to learn that it’s not going to get the sugar frenzy anymore, and then to find alternative fuel sources stored in your body. These are your fat cells. The fat cells over time are locked away as triglycerides which become unaccessible with the carb and sugar diet, but once the body learns that’s no longer coming, it turns to your fat for fuel.

As your own fat and fat from food becomes your primary fuel source, you start to lose fat within your body, naturally. Your body prefers to and is meant to burn fat, not sugar. Fat burning is a slow process, much like a large log in a fire place, as opposed to many small twigs. What burns long and slow? The log, just like fat.


Green Smoothie, with Spinach, Avocado, Coconut Milk and lots of Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Once you have achieved your transformation into an efficient fat and ketone burning metabolism, you can start to think about Intermittent Fasting.

Let’s talk about the concept of IF: Basically it boils down to a 6 hour eating window and 18 hour fast. Sounds extreme at first, but it really isn’t. It’s actually a very natural way to eat. Who says we need to have 3 or more full meals a day? Where did that come from? You could say culture, family, industry or habit…

Either way, we don’t need to eat that many times and once you are a fat burner you will know why. Why should the first thing we do in the morning when we get up after an 8 hour sleep be eating? Our metabolism is slow, our body needs time to wake up and loading it right away with lots of food (especially carbs and sugar) is a very bad idea.

The best thing for our bodies in the morning is to hydrate (preferably lemon water) and maybe coffee, if you like coffee (contains lot of antioxidants). Next, it  would be a good idea to move your body, by way of a fast paced walk, bike, run or swim for example. At that point you have really started the day in an ideal way, with what your body really needs. You are burning calories and opening up your mind for a positive day by starting with it with light exercise.

Make sure you buy healthy Organic Vegetables only!

The beautiful thing about being a fat and ketone burner is that you actually almost never feel hungry, nor do you get tired. That means you have constant energy and don’t need to refuel on quick burn sugar multiple times a day, which only ends up in a sugar rush and crash, leading to you getting tired all the time.

Do you see people around lunch time or afternoon yawning a lot at their desks or even when walking? Sugar crash folks!

So, now you have started your day burning fat and moving, your body and mind are happy and working as it should. If your bloodstream is at some point having trouble accessing fat for fuel, it will have your liver produce ketones, which are small protein enzymes that get shot into your bloodstream for fuel. This is a highly effective and efficient way our own body produces fuel when needed. And that what we call being “ketogenic”.

Think about, I’ve had dogs all of my life. They are pretty primal animals, don’t you think? I mean they will literally eat anything. But in general I remember to have always only fed my dogs twice a day, in the morning and late afternoon. They certainly didn’t ever get fed 3 times a day, and if they did, they would get fat! Fat, because it’s over eating and there is not enough exercise or movement taking place to burn the extra calories.

The same goes on in us humans, but worse, as we have learnt over decades to consume carbs and sugar laden foods, and avoid high fat foods. Not only have we then been overeating and not moving enough to burn the calories consumed, we have been ingesting tons of sugars, which easily get converted to triglycerides and locked away in your fat cells, if not burnt, making us insidiously fat and unhealthy!

Live a natural life, like the Black Panther. They don’t eat Carbs or Sugar and they are never Fat!

In other words, once you are a fat and ketone burner, it’s quite easy to not eat your first meal of the day until around 1pm. That meal should be fully loaded with all nutrients, protein and fat. You will then find out very soon that first of all you really enjoy this type of healthy food, it’s satisfying and satiates.

You will not feel the need to eat or snack in between meals. Come evening, say around  6pm or 7pm, you could make yourself a nice simple, clean dinner of protein and or salads and vegetables. That will easily see you through the night and to the next days lunch time for your first meal. This way, you are consuming two meals a day rather than 3, which is obviously less caloric intake.

If you then on top follow my advise and move frequently you will be creating a caloric burn and will be caloric deficient, which is what we need for continuous weight or fat loss (if that is your goal). The combination of eating clean foods on the ketogenic diet, along with moving and exercising frequently, and practicing Intermittent Fasting, will lead to your body healing itself from all kinds of ailments you may be experiencing now and you will lose excess bodyweight, plus you can build more strength easily, if you wish to do so.

It’s strongly advised to follow this plan and actually work on building strength, to improve your cardiovascular heart situation, as well as building a stronger body as you age. A stronger body will help you age better, remain flexible and agile. And guess what, it’s never too late to start!

Send me a message if you want to have more details on ideal meal planning and Intermittent Fasting.

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Release your inner Beast!


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