Learn about the Key Concepts of going Primal and its simple yet amazing health benefits. Check out my video below to see how it’s done!

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1. Yes, You Really Can Reprogram Your Genes:

More than just determining your fixed heritable traits, genes are responsible for continually directing the production of the proteins that control how your body functions every second. Genes turn on or off only in response to signals they receive from the environment surrounding them – signals that you provide based on the foods you eat, the types of exercise you do (or don’t do), your sleeping habits, sun exposure and so forth.

2. The Clues to Optimal Gene Expression are found in Evolution:

1.5 million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstances created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity. Our genes expect us to be lean, fit and healthy by modeling the lifestyle behaviors and diets of our hunter- gatherer ancestors even in the context of hectic modern life. Plants and animals (meat/fish/fowl/eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) should comprise the entirety of the human diet, with allowances for the moderate intake of certain modern foods. As for exercise forms and frequency, less is often more.

3. Your Body Prefers Burning Fat Over Carbohydrates:

Conventional Wisdom’s grain-based, low-fat diet has artificially created a sugar and carbohydrate-based metabolism that you’ve been stuck in, and suffering from, for your entire life. Going Primal shifts you into the fat-based, all-day energy metabolism that has supported human survival for 2.5 million years. This is the most liberating aspect of Primal living.

4. 80% of Your Body Composition Success is Determined by How You Eat:

Many modern foods (even ones you thought were healthy) are causing you to gain weight, accelerate aging and increase disease.  Moderating insulin production by ditching grains, sugars and legumes, and lowering inflammation by eliminating harmful

Notice how these Primal Ancestors are pictured. It is accepted that they were of this body composition. Lean and Fat free! They didn’t eat grains right? Grains did not exist back then. 

man-made fats, will promote efficient reduction of excess body fat, effortless maintenance of ideal body composition, increased daily energy levels, decreased risk of illness, and optimal  function of various other hormonal systems (stress, appetite, immune, metabolic, sleep, thyroid, etc.).

5. Grains are Totally Unnecessary: 

The center- piece of the Standard American Diet (SAD), grains – even whole grains – offer minimal nutritional value, promote fat storage by raising insulin, and contain anti-nutrients that promote inflammation, compromise digestion, and often interfere with immune function. There is no good reason to make grains (or legumes, for that matter) any part of your diet unless you want a cheap source of calories that easily convert to sugar.

6. Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Are Not Your Enemy:

The Conventional Wisdom story about heart disease is only validated when you wash high fat foods down with a ton of grains and sugars. Cholesterol is one of the body’s most vital molecules. Saturated fat is our preferred fuel. The true heart disease risk factors – oxidation and inflammation – are driven strongly by polyunsaturated fats, simple sugars, excess insulin production and stress.

Limiting processed carbohydrates and eating more high quality fats and whole foods (including saturated animal fat) can promote health, weight management, and reduced risk of heart disease.

7. Exercise is Ineffective for Weight Management

Burning calories through exercise has little influence on your ability to achieve and maintain ideal body composition. When you depend on carbohydrate

(Glucose) as your primary fuel, exercise simply stimulates increased appetite and calorie intake. Chronic exercise patterns inhibit fat metabolism, break down lean muscle tissue, and lead to fatigue, injury, and burnout.

8. Maximum Fitness Can Be Achieved in Minimal Time With High Intensity Workouts:

Regular brief, intense strength training sessions and occasional all-out sprints promote optimal gene expression and broad athletic competency.

Enjoy more benefits in a fraction of the time spent doing the chronic exercise advocated by Conventional Wisdom. Watch the 90 second introductory video below.