What Does My Typical Week’s Workout & Movement Routine Look Like?

A​s promised in my last blog, I’m going to drill down into the details of my typical week’s workout & movement routines. I call them “Workout & Movement Routines” as this is something important for everyone to understand and build into their daily and weekly practice, namely the word “movement”.

By moving with intention, a purpose and even a small goal, you are actually already performing a workout. A workout doesn’t mean going to the gym or running. Any movement can be converted to a workout. When you think about that, this concept makes the thought of working out a lot easier and liberating. 

From time to time (sometimes for longer stretches of time) we all will demotivated and will not want to workout. You find yourself playing a mind game that goes something like this; “it’s time to workout buddy. I know but I don’t feel like it.”

This back and forth makes you feel guilty until you do something about it. That’s not a good feeling to have. That’s why it’s important to adjust your mindset and approach.


Be Intuitive 

I​t’s a good idea to sit down every Sunday afternoon or evening and plan your fitness and lifestyle schedule ahead, similarly to how you probably plan your work week. This way we create a plan for our workout, movement, food, lifestyle, wellness and other health goals, note them to our calendars with reminders, to which we can refer every day.

This strategy provides peace of mind and goals. If you can stick to it to the T, great, but if you can’t for whatever reason, don’t stress, change the plan as needed. Be intuitive all the time, listen to your body and mind and go with your instincts.

Forcing yourself to do something you don’t feel like in that moment is a bad idea. This creates a negative mindset and as a result you will not enjoy whatever you do.

For example, if I planned a body weight workout today and my goal was to push myself to new limits, but I find I’m not motivated, I will self examine by asking these questions:

  • Why do you feel this way?
  • A​re you tired, lazy or don’t feel well?
  • D​o you simply not want to do this and what can we do about it?

Once I’ve analyzed myself and I still don’t feel up for it, I’ll either ditch it and reschedule for another day, or I will make an effort to do something to replace it, something that makes me happy.


B​e Creative

This is where creativity comes in handy, and I love to get creative with my workout and movement. I could divert my original plan to any of the following:

  • 30 minute fast paced walk.
  • Mini body weight workout in office or home.
  • Quick swim.
  • Yoga stretching session.
  • Sauna, steam or Jacuzzi.
  • Dinner and a movie with family!

Go with your gut, be true to yourself and do what’s best for you right there and then. But do keep one thing in mind, when analyzing yourself, be true with your answers, as you don’t want to be kidding yourself either.

It could be that you are feeling a little tired, have a headache or are pressed for time, in which case going out and moving, preferably outdoors, will do you a lot more good than not. My recommendation is to think it through, be honest, but always follow your inner voice and be kind to you!


Be Aware

T​his can play out in the opposite direction as well, for example:

Your plan has you power walking 4 miles, you feel great, but then you see an outdoor gym or obstacle course. You think, should I knock out a quick body weight workout? But it’s not on my plan? To heck with it, I feel good, this place is cool, let’s go for it. And there you have it, the balance and catch up. It occurs naturally if you listen to your body and mind, as long as you are being honest and kind to yourself. You will get more than enough exercise done, with a well-structured, but flexible week’s plan in hand!


M​y Real Time Workouts & Movements, November 5 to 11:


Monday, 11/5:

7​am to 8am: 4 mile Power Walk

1​1am: Body Weight Workout in Park

6​pm: 90 minute Hot Vinyasa Yoga.


Tuesday, 11/6:

7​am to 7:30am: 2 mile Power Walk

1​2pm to 1.30pm: 4 mile fast paced beach sand walk, followed by 3 sets of 2 minute planks.

​Wednesday, 11/7:

7​am to 8am: 4 mile Power Walk.

11am: 2 mile fast paced Walk.

5:30pm to 6pm: Swim Sprints in local public pool. 8 x 25 meters with 1 minute break between each sprint.


Thursday, 11/8:

7​am to 8am: 4 mile Power Walk.

1​2pm: 2 mile fast paced Walk.

5​:30pm – 6:15: Gym, mixed Body Weight and Lifting Free Weights at gym, followed sauna.

Friday, 11/9:

7​:30am to 8:30am: 5 miler Power Walk in Park.


Saturday, 11/10:

9​am: 2 mile fast paced Walk.

4​pm: Play Time with Water-skiing for 1 hour.


Sunday, 11/11:

8​am: 2 mile fast paced walk.

9​am: Stationary Bike Sprints, 8 x 20 to 30 seconds reps.

P​lay time, as always, should have a significant role in your week’s plan. You can see in my week’s plan I managed one water-skiing session (being my favorite hobby and play time).

Ideally I would like to fit in 3 sessions per week, be that water-skiing, stand up paddle or a game of tennis.

A​s ever, look after yourself, have fun, be healthy and let’s get fit, healthy and happy my friends!

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