WALKING – A Great Primal Aerobic Workout

While I would not go quite as far as to say forget the gym and personal trainers in our modern world of today as the author of this article (Peta Bee) says, walking is a great way to get a good dose of healthy aerobic workouts in, plus takes care of the Primal Health Coach mantra and what our primal ancestors had to do, move frequently. I try to walk as much as possible every day.

I have dogs so that is the first thing I do in the morning when I get up, I have a glass of water with fresh pressed lemon juice and then head out for a 2 – 3 mile walk usually between 5am and 6am, and I will walk my dogs another 2 – 3 times a day on shorter walks. That alone essentially gets my daily dose of cardio done and dusted, even if I may do more cardio later on in the day. On top of that I walk to the grocery store every day sometimes 2 times per day, as I like like to buy what I chose to eat pretty much when I chose to eat or cook.

That keeps me on my feet (so to speak) and I end up getting the freshest foods I can, win win. Adding to that I walk to a coffee shop at least once a day and even walk to the gym if I can make time. This can result in me walking about 6 miles a day on top of any other exercise I may be doing that day, which adds up in the calorie and fat burning department … I like that a lot! Walking a big city can be a bit tricky obviously due to the toxic fumes we are forced to breath in, so if you do try your best to walk smaller streets that are less polluted by the vehicle fumes.

Making a concerted effort to get to a park, green area, forest or river is a great idea too. And guess what, you may actually even be able to walk there to walk there! Importantly, walking is low impact yet still strengthens your bones as there is enough impact to strengthen both skeletal muscle and bones. Walking also gives you a chance to take in the beauty or life around you, to zone out if you so chose to or even to meditate and practice mindful walking. Walking is truly therapeutic and great exercise!

Make walking a daily habit and go Primal.

Rob Hourmont


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