Bali, Indonesia

My first trip as a Primal Health Coach exploring the World is coming up on August 1, 2017. We are going to Bali, Indonesia. We being me, my I-phone 7, Computer and Notepads. Bali is where I went for my honeymoon 19 years ago. I am no longer married as you know from my Bio, yet I never ceased having great interest for Bali. Just a few months ago in January I went back to Bali for the first time since 1998. I have been back since in March of this year. Upon my return from Bali and landing at JFK at the end of March is when a life changing event happened. I got an email from  the company explaining to me what this was all about. I signed up that same day and my life changed 360 degrees and I am now on a mission of health, happiness, fitness and the good life, and I am inspired, healthy and very happy!

I found my passion in life and I also know where my heaven on earth is – Bali. I am now returning to Bali. 4 months after starting my Health Coaching program and 1 month after becoming a Certified Primal Health Coach. I am heading back to Bali to study meditation, yoga and explore this most magnificent island and send you my lifestyle, food, fitness and health tips from heaven on earth on a daily basis. 

Love, Passion and Health is what I wish you all