The Power of Positive Thinking

[wpforms id=”7134″ title=”true” description=”true”]M​any believe in positive thinking whilst just as many believe it’s overrated or exaggerated. What’s the truth? There is no one answer. It depends on what you want to see.

M​y personal experience on this matter is what I draw my conclusions from, nothing else. I’ve read that positive thinking is great, but that it’s also fake, as one can talk oneself into a false sense of reality or security. Personally, I don’t subscribe to that school of thought. I believe that positive thinking is beneficial no matter what or when. What is your alternative? Be negative or doubt yourself and everything? That’s not the way forward.

The best way forward is through positive thinking

T​he lessons I have learned in life, and in particular in the last two years, as well as the last two months support the thesis that positive thinking; “will help you achieve what you wish for”. No matter how difficult your situation may be with whatever problem you may be facing. If you adopt a positive mindset, you are at once approaching your problem from a different vantage point.

Instead of thinking, damn, this is hard, this is awful, how can I manage this, this is too much and so on, think; OK, this isn’t easy, it’s a challenge and I’m being tested here, but to heck with it, I’m determined and I’m going to make this happen for me the and the way I want it to be. Because I am better than that, I deserve the best for ME and I will achieve MY desires. I have a lot to give to this world and will ask a lot back. I will not be held back by anything or anyone and I will achieve all I wish for.

I invite you to meditate daily

M​y point here folks is that we can influence our daily lives positively, no matter how much or little money we may have. It’s not about money; it’s about your dream and your desire to be someone, someone you wan t to be! We don’t have to be rich to be happy, we just have to be content with what we are doing and who we are. That’s the essence of life and the truth about being happy.

BUT, the happier you are and the more positive you are, you will achieve more in life. Set goals, set those goals high for yourself, but be reasonable, yet at the same time don’t under sell yourself. You can do this, we can all do this, we are all great human beings, born equal, and we are all meant to be happy and succeed. Your level of education doesn’t matter, your skin color doesn’t matter, your looks don’t matter. The only thing that does matter is you and your healthy positive mindset, full of expectation not doubt!

meditation in bali
Balinese “Higher Energy Healing Meditation”

T​hat my friends is why I invite you to meditate daily. You can do this alone or with guidance. During meditation, you can and must enforce your positive mindset to you, by applying the technique of positive affirmations.

Please read more about that on my website:

A​s always, I’m so grateful to share my thoughts to the world and I hope I make a small impact in your life, to be positive and reach for those stars!

T​his blog comes with great love and passion. Thank you for reading and please watch my video on this subject here.


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