The Miami Heat!

Is the name of Miami’s famous NBA basketball team, and now I know why! It’s so damn hot here right now in south Florida; it’s not even funny.

I’ve lived in a few “hot weather” places in my time; being Bali (very hot at times), South of France and Barcelona, Spain, both can be baking hot in the summer. But, the summer heat in France and Spain is a very dry heat. It can be crazy hot but doesn’t feel oppressive.

I love the warm weather, which is one of the main reasons I moved to Miami, but these last few weeks of early summer in Miami have been almost unbearable, even for me. The problem is the combination of 100 Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) temperatures with muggy and oppressive humidity levels up to 100%! That’s yet to come in July, according to this graph.

I realize it’s super hot in Europe right now too, but let me tell you, that’s a more bearable heat! I’d take that any day. Here in Miami, it’s almost like you can’t leave the airconditioning, and if you do, you hurry to the next place with aircon!

Look at these crazy humidity levels to come in July!

What to do?

Well, the most sensible course of action is to get the heck out of here! That’s what I’m doing in a couple of weeks time, escaping and driving north with my kids. It will be baking up there too, but minus the oppressive humidity, that’s bearable.

Most people can’t take that course of action, so you must bear it! Floridian’s are used to it (so they say), yet everyone is complaining. My advice:

  • Drink tons of water, I mean way more than you usually would.
  • Please use a reusable plastic or better stainless steel water bottle to reduce plastic pollution.
  • Hit the water a lot, better the sea as sea salt is healing, as opposed to chlorine in pools, which is chemical.
  • Exercise early morning or early evening.
  • Eat lots of healthy salads with proteins.
  • Try to still get 10 to 15 minute of sun exposure a day, to build your vitamin D.
  • Meditation can make it easier to bear.
  • Stay close to airconditioning units!
  • Smile, it will be over in three months!

Good Luck !

Thanks for reading!

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