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One Night in Bangkok! Travel – Fit – Fun – Food


Stay on Course and Look After You! Yes well, hmm. It was supposed to be a very short one night in Bangkok trip where I was picking up my visa. However, as things played out, I ended up having to stay 3 nights (and days) by the time my visa was ready. I suppose I […]

A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 11

Dun bbell bench pull

Rai Fitness Club – Free Weights Power Play Workout Free Weights Power Play Workout: Today I decided it was time again for an indoor workout. I took this opportunity to put together my so-called “Power Play” routine. Along with my training partner Indah, we pumped out an amazing session in 40 minutes. This is an […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 6

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Day 6 – Pasar Kedonganan: The Traditional Fish Market After a somewhat chilled and relaxing day of Cardio at Rai Fitness, my next stop of choice was the local fish market in the Jimbaran area. I had not had the chance to enjoy good fish or seafood yet, as I am very cautious when it […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 5

Day 5 – Rai Fitness Cardio Workouts After a few hectic days of traveling photo and shooting/filming some amazing locations in Bali, I decided it was time to have a semi down day and take it easy.   Rest is just as important as exercise folks, so please pay attention to your body and rest […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 4

Day 4 Rai Fitness and the very special Ayam Betutu Restaurant in Kuta Bali RAI FITNESS My Primal Lifestyle journey is getting better and better by the day. After a day of amazing play at the AlingAling Waterfalls it was time to hit the gym again for a combined session of Body Weight and Free […]