Strength training

Strength Training Routines:

Dips Assisted_Body Fitness Program

Dips Assisted

Deadlift_Advanced Strength Training Program


Deadlift2_Advanced Strength Training Program


Leg Ups_Body Fitness Program

Leg Ups

Rule # 7 of The Primal Blueprint – Lift Heavy Things!

That’s what we do with our strength training. Lift Heavy Things! But, the problem here is that the majority of fitness enthusiasts spend far too much time in the gym lifting heavy weights for too long and focusing on too specific muscle groups. This is referred to as “specialized goals” and is often too extreme and destructive to your health. Exercising a different muscle group to extreme every day is not good for your heart or longevity.

Hard-core weight lifting and or bodybuilding are extremely destructive to your body. When you pumping iron, your cortisol levels are highly elevated (fight or flight stress hormone). We have this hormone for a reason, to alert us of danger so that we can take measures to protect ourselves. Extreme and long weight training keeps cortisol levels raised high for too long and too often. This results in faster cell division, which results in a shorter life span for one. On top of that you are overstressing your heart constantly if performing daily long weight lifting sessions.

The Primal Blueprint and Primal Lifestyle Fitness Program is designed after the movement and activity patterns of our primal ancestors. This shapes a healthier body and more complete athlete no matter what your age or condition. We do this by building

Speed – Endurance – Power – Strength

Ditch the “more is better” mentality for “intense and short is better”. We keep our strength training or weight training sessions brief and intense. 2 – 3 times per week maximum, each workout will work all muscle groups and the session will last no more than 45 minutes, or less.

I will mostly use my own bodyweight and try to do that as often as possible outdoors, as I can then surround myself by forests, beaches or other natural beauty, giving me a double whammy effect of a workout and soothing setting.

I have several Strength Training Workout Sessions under Workout Plans on my website. I mostly focus on 2.

  • The Primal Lifestyle Movements
  • The Primal Lifestyle Weights Power Play

You will find that these routines are simple to perform, fast and very rewarding. There is nothing easy about these routines, they are very hard. But they get the job done with the least possible stress to your body and heart.


Bench One Arm Pull_Advanced Strength Training Program

Bench One Arm Pull

Tricepts Assisted Dips_Body Fitness Program

Tricepts Assisted Dips

Dumbbell One Arm Bench_Body Fitness Program

Dumbbell One Arm Bench

One Arm Dumbbell Bench_Body Fitness Program

One Arm Dumbbell Bench

Pull Ups Assisted_Advanced Strength Training Program

Pull Ups Assisted

Linear Leg Press_Advanced Strength Training Program

Linear Leg Press

Linear Leg Press2_Advanced Strength Training Program

Linear Leg Press