Sprint training

Sprint Workouts for Beginners
Steps Sprints_Sprint Workouts for Beginners
  • Running Sprints
  • Steps Sprints
  • Swim Sprints
  • Stationary Bike Sprints
  • Rowing Sprints
  • Elliptical Sprints

All of these are great Sprint Session Options. Many of us cannot run due to injury or knee/ankle joint problems.

Running Sprints_Sprint Workouts for Beginners
Swim Sprints_Sprint Workouts for Beginners

It’s key to remember there are plenty of other ways to perform high intensity lean muscle building and fat burning sprints. Just think creatively and you will find many other alternatives to run sprinting.

One of my favorites is steps sprints. I can do this despite my titanium knee, as it’s relatively low impact compared to running sprints. The intensity level however is so much higher than regular sprints due to the added steepness of the steps – it’s high intensity resistance training as well as sprint training in one.

Swim Sprints_Sprint Workouts for Beginners
Sprint Workouts for Beginners

Swim sprints are amazing too and they are tough as nails thanks to the water resistance and having to time your breathing under water. These two factors make swim sprinting very challenging, but also extremely rewarding and low to no impact on joints. Yet swim sprints very much support bone density due to the heavy water resistance.

I recommend diversifying your sprint workouts as much as possible. Switch things around every week; don’t run sprint or swim sprint only. Ad variety and diversify. This will make it more fun, will make you fitter all around and yield much better results more quickly.