Primal food & Beverages

You will learn the truth here about what foods are really healthy, and you will learn how easy it is to eat real natural foods that help you lose weight and regain energy, and that taste delicious too!

Eating Primal will allow you to eat right wherever you are, and you won’t have to worry about being stressed about this anymore. You will enjoy the process of actually knowing what’s good for you and that you are in control of your body.

The wonderful and delicious foods that will be recommended for you will make you feel super energized after just a couple of weeks. Once you achieve that feeling, you will be absolutely liberated and feel awesome!

The “Keto Diet” Food Pyramid is a great illustration of the Primal Lifestyle foods to eat. Following A Primal Lifestyle diet will turn you Ketogenic within 2 – 4 weeks, depending on how soon you can cut out the carbs and how disciplined you then are going forward. In my experience, once you start this lifestyle and adopt the correct food plan, you will never want to go back simply because you will feel and look so great, you will not want to risk losing this new sensation.

The illustration further provides clear guidance on what to avoid, as well as a handy shopping list to make things easy for you.

The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid:

The Primal Blueprint’s Food Pyramid (by Mark Sisson) does a great job illustrating how we should structure our food intake with the main focus being:

Follow The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid to become healthy, happy and lean fat burning machine!

Comparing the USDA’s latest food pyramid (right), which emphasizes the grains sections of food intake the most. This is worrying, as we know that grains cause problems such high insulin production, inflammation and weight gain. They further advocate eating fats, oils and sweets. Vegetable oils for example are chemically altered oils and nothing short of poison for our bodies.

Despite all the research possible out there being available to USDA and other agencies, they promote an unhealthy diet, which is high in carbohydrates, resulting in high insulin production and insidious weight gain as well as inflammation and many diseases.

Recently the USDA came out with a bogus claim stating that Coconut Oil is bad for us and causes heart disease. Instead they emphasized the use of (poisonous) vegetable oil. The article was “sponsored” by Mazola, one of the largest manufacturers of this chemically altered oil.

Example:Dwarf Wheat, which is now the biggest wheat crop and used for all cereals and most breads, contains an addictive substance. This ensures repeat purchasing and continuous underlying health problems for those who consume products made of Dwarf Wheat.

The Latest USDA Food Pyramid