Adjusting some poor lifestyle habits will lead to much improved sleep and far less stress in your life. This in turn will lead to a happier and much more productive you. Taking a little time for your new lifestyle habits will hugely benefit your personal and work life.

You will find time to play with family and friends, and this greatly increases the quality of your life and your longevity. This will also help you to never feel burnt out again!

Another very important component of the Primal Lifestyle. Eating and exercising the right way are the baseline of getting your body and mind healthy and balanced, but:

PLAY reduced stress and contributes to overall mental and physical well being.

PLAY exerts an epigenetic influence on our genes to shape a lean, fit and healthy body.

PLAY will help you remain positive and creative.

PLAYwill help you find that child within and have fun.

Let out your craziness and


Making sure you have enough “play time” or “fun time” during your day, week, month, year and whole life is super important to having a long healthy life. Doing something you really enjoy either on your own or with friends. The key here is that you are not seeing it as work or something you have to do. You need to be looking forward to this and enjoying and smiling whenever you are doing it.

PLAY could be my favorite hobbies such as Water-skiing or Kickboxing, this can be Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, SUP, Hacky sack, Diving, Fishing, whatever tickles your fancy.

Playtime is best enjoyed with friends as it maximises the socialising element of the Primal Lifestyle. It’s also advised that it has some sort of physical difficulty as it adds to the whole “moving frequently” concept and it will then aid in keeping you fit as well as happy.

Add as much play time as you can each week, minimum 3 times per week!