What is your Life worth to you?

What is your Well being worth to you?

Do you want to lose excess weight and achieve your Optimal Body Composition become a Fit, Lean Fat Burning Machine?  Be healthy and happy with your Body & Mind, feeling an abundance of Energy and Confidence daily without Burnout or Fatigue? Do you want to be less Stressed, Anxious, Depressed and Sleep better? 

You have tried all kinds of diets and have hit the gym frequently, yet you still cannot achieve your goals and do not look the way you would like to and are just fed up with not getting the results you desire, despite the very hard work you have put in? Feel like giving up and just indulging? 

Don’t – I have the solution for you and I will help you reach your goals in these 8 weeks. Join me your Primal Health Coach and I will get you to where you want to be with your overall Health, Fitness and Happiness. If you are ready to make some Lifestyle changes (which you will enjoy), will invest some time and money to commit to my program, you will see Optimum Results within 4 weeks – guaranteed. 

Being a former Olympic Athlete, I know what it takes to succeed and perform well. As a certified Primal Health Coach, I know how to reach your goals effectively and efficiently. Today at 48 I am healthier, fitter and happier than I have ever been. 

8 Week Instructor-Led Live Course – $5,000

2 Weekly 1 Hour Live Online Webinar Coaching Sessions for 8 Weeks. That is a total of 16 Live Online Webinar Coaching Sessions.

Once you have sent in your Pre-Consultancy Questionnaire we start the program by holding a 30-minute Personal Discovery Call for which you will select a suitable time for you to talk with me in person by phone or Skype. If you like what you hear and agree to sign up for the class, you will then complete the New Client Intake Form and accept the Terms and Conditions of the the Coaching Agreement.

The Online Classes will consist of:

  • Preparing for your going Primal
  • Weekly & Daily Fitness and Exercise Programs
  • Food and Nutrition Guidance: Learning what not to eat and what to eat and why
  • Kitchen & Pantry: Getting your Kitchen and Pantry set for your new Life
  • Weekly & Daily Meal Planning 
  • Food Purchasing and Spectrum of Food Options
  • Going full on Primal and Ketogenic 
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Setting Weekly Goals and Documenting Results
  • Discussing and Analysing your Progress since the last Online Coaching Session
  • Discussing the Execution of the prepared Exercise and Nutrition Plans as well as any other concerns, questions or thoughts you may have


  • Online Webinar Coaching Sessions scheduled for every Sunday and Thursday 7pm EST for 8 weeks. 
  • Follow up E-mail after every session
  • Daily E-mail with Nutrition and Fitness Plan 
  • Food and Beverage Shopping Advice and Details about how and where
  • Pantry Purge and Restock 
  • Recipes and Meal planning 
  • Specialty Online Food Sourcing List
  • Available for questions via text and E-mail at any time