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Yes well, hmm. It was supposed to be a very short one night in Bangkok trip where I was picking up my visa. However, as things played out, I ended up having to stay 3 nights (and days) by the time my visa was ready.

I suppose I could have ended up in a worse town to have to spend a couple extra nights. The hotels are very nice and well priced, the food of course is outstanding and there are plenty of fun things to do.

I was mostly working, catching up on training and nutritional plans for clients as well as getting some writing and reading in. Being a Primal Health Coach I look after myself very well these days, especially when I am travelling I make a point to work extra hard at keeping up a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, training correctly and moving a lot. When you travel you tend to forget to take care of yourself and let go. At least that is what I used to do and I know a few people who do that now all the time.

Travel need not be that way. All you need to do is treat yourself well and make absolutely sure you schedule (loosely or hard) your workout times and your movements. I used this opportunity to move myself much more than I usually do, because in Bali I’m always shooting around everywhere on the scooter and not walking as much as I want. Here in Bangkok I walked an average of 20000 steps a day, about 7km, plus I got in my structured workouts, my yoga, meditation and down time reading or contemplating in silence.

On the first evening I found a pool for a swim sprint session. So decided to head over to that hotel and put in my favourite swim sprints. When I arrived at the gym, they were going to charge me USD 50 for the use of the pool/gym. As I had only scheduled about 45 minutes of time and it was getting late, I opted out and came up with an on the spot plan as I started walking back.

I had already walked to the gym very fast, now I was walking back faster. On top of that I was running up and down the steps of the flyover on the main streets. I must have scaled and bounced down at least 20 sets of steps. This gave me the most exhilarating workout of an hour’s cardio at under HR 130 (my max for burning fat) and I added multiple light sprints to the mix, which would push my heart rate up briefly and then I would quickly bring it back down by continuing to move fast, but not too fast.

The “urban jungle cardio steps sprint” workout as I have now named it is an amazing way to have fun, get in great cardio and benefit from powerful sprints. I got back to my hotel feeling the workout, but feeling high as a kite on life! I had set my body up for hours of fat burning and lean muscle gain!

I ended that day with a wonderful Thai curry with loads of vegetables so tasty and super healthy, full of all the nutrients, protein and healthy fats I needed after that workout and great day. No rice of course folks. I always get looked at in disbelief when I say no rice for me please. It’s always amusing to watch people’s reactions! The next day was just as cool: I had to move hotels, so I moved to the hotel with the awesome gym and pool, went for my swim sprints that afternoon, and the next morning I added a super heavy Free Bodyweight Session in the gym with a few extra weight lifting exercises thrown in – 40 minutes in total, limiting my cortisol production and thus not stressing my heart for too long.

So not only did not pay the USD 50 for the swim that day, I got in a super fun creative and intuitive workout which made me happy, and then I got my swim and a strength training session in for free. All in all I managed to create 3 times the fun out of a situation that could have been a disappointment if viewed negatively, instead of seeing it as an opportunity.

The Message:

Always make the most of the situation you wind up in and don’t let it get you down. Focus on what you want to do and be positive, in the end it happened for a reason and you will benefit from it.

Take initiative and workout as things present themselves. It’s always good to plan a little and try to book a hotel that has a good pool and gym, as this makes life much easier in big cities.

Treat yourself well all the time and especially when you travel. Look after that body and mind when you are away from home and do not let the change in circumstances make you lapse into bad habits or skip your routine. No, you don’t need to do that, stay focused on you and your goals and health.

Remember your health is the most important thing you have and you and only you can take the time to make you healthy happy and high on life!


Rob @ Bangkok

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