my bio


I am Rob Hourmont, from London, UK, former International World Cup and Olympic Ski Racer with the British Ski Team. I competed successfully in the 1988 Winter Olympics at the age of 18. In 1990, my career ended due to injury. I have over 30 years of Professional Sports & Fitness experience.

In 2016, I had a full titanium knee replacement, due to my old injury. Recovery from surgery was difficult. I was told I would not be able to perform sports again. This is when I found out about living the Keto Lifestyle and Training Primal using your body as your gym.  I enrolled with the Primal Health Coach Institute, graduated in record time and never looked back. My quality of life and health have improved dramatically ever since, both in body and mind.

I lost 30 pounds within 8 weeks, turned my body around to being lean and firm and in fact feel fitter than when I was a young athlete. Along with this dramatic change in my physical appearance there was a great shift in my mindset and life outlook. From being negative, skeptical and unhappy, I became positive and happy again, with an abundance of energy and motivation.

My extensive experience as a professional athlete and now being a certified Primal Health Coach, plus my own personal story of recovery, have provided me with a unique base and the tools needed to help you reach your goals, restore health, balance and happiness in your life.

Addition to my training as a certified Health Coach, I spent a year in Bali, Indonesia, developing my unique program as well as training to be  a Thai Boxing Teacher and Meditation Teacher.