Long Road to BALI – Indonesia

I haven’t been very active here in the last week. Trust me that does not mean I haven’t been active in the background. I took the long road to Bali, from New York by car to Pittsburgh to drop off my dogs with my friends who are graciously looking after my furry mates while I am gone. 
From there on, next day was a flight to Chicago – where I found the worst international airport I have frequented in recent times with literally no decent food options for travellers ahead of long distance international flights. A true scandal that airport or terminal at least. They need to step up and start treating their customers (yes we are customers airport management) with some respect and up the anti with their offerings, rather than try to suck us dry with deals you made with big boys for lots of money years ago. Wake up to 2017 and wake up to real customer service! 
From there I hit Tokyo Haneda airport for 4 hours. What a contrast! It was late at night (all shops and restaurants would be closed at that time in the USA), and all shops and some great food options were open and bustling! Wonderful and thank you Tokyo Haneda airport. 
My first destination was crazy Jakarta, where I spent a night as I had some unfinished business to take care of and had to collect a computer system I left there a few months ago. Happy as Larry to get the hell out of Jakarta on Friday afternoon last week, I barely made the plane but thankfully I did to touch down in paradise on earth, Bali Friday afternoon. 
Having gotten picked up by my trusted friend and most helpful guy ever, Rudi, I then spent the next few days sorting out my accommodation situation  – as I am staying longer I did not want to commit to any longer term rental without seeing it first. Trust me that is a great idea and something everyone should do if you are spending 2 plus weeks somewhere, if the situation permits. That strategy won’t work in Europe in the hight of the summer, but it works in many other destinations. 
Then I have been busy meeting with my photographer and videographer. I will be spending the next couple of weeks traveling throughout Bali, visiting the temples, waterfalls, beaches, local restaurants, farms, local organic businesses, farm markets, high end resorts and attending some cultural events, practicing yoga and meditation. During this time I will be documenting my every move, which will be published on my website. Along the way I am filming my recommended workout and health routines for you guys to benefit from in the future. Along with that I will be paying close attention to the food and cooking, to show how we can eat wonderful food while traveling and remain Primal and Healthy! I will also be posting my food recommendations and meal plans from here. 

Last but not least I will be launching my first 8 Week Coach-Led Live Primal Lifestyle Course from Bali. More details on this course and how you can sign up to follow soon. 
Stay Tuned. 
Rob @Bali, Indonesia 

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