How Walking, Swimming and Fighting will keep You Alive Longer!

And Why You Need to Join this Life Changing Program Now! 

Walking and hiking in the Mountains, Hills, Rivers.<script async src=”//”></script>
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Are you wondering why these three activities may help you live a longer life? Walking and swimming may make some sense, but why on earth fighting? Read on and find out:

A​s a former professional Athlete and Olympic Ski Racer I’ve had my fair share of training in my life. During the build up to becoming professional you learn a lot about all sorts of training, such as endurance, strength, explosive strength, agility, speed and sprint training, stretching, as well as lots of mental training you really need to teach yourself over time. It’s a never ending learning experience, and when you think you’ve got it and are on top of your game, something else sets you back and it usually has to do with injury and overtraining. Just look at one prominent sad story out there at the moment, Andy Murray, the British Tennis Star. He’s been injured for almost 2 years now and despite operations and recovery therapy, he’s a mess. It looks like he has managed to cripple himself. Very sad.

Walking the Beaches

Let me tell you, we did all kinds of madness back in my day too and I’m lucky to have gotten away with only a broken knee and knee replacement. In the Summer and Fall months we would start ski training from 7am, for 6 about hours on a glacier at 10000 feet (the high altitude making breathing very hard and the training difficult and exhausting). Then we would head down to the village, have a quick break and go out again for a 1 to 2 hour mountain trail run, alternatively weight lifting, or hike all the way back up the mountain to run back down, followed by dinner and bed.

That’s just one example of how a day could unfold. This would go on for weeks without much of a break. Overtraining? Yes for sure. Healthy for heart or joints? Nope. It was pretty heavy stuff, and it wasn’t healthy, that’s for sure. Everyone was getting injured every other week, be it small ankle sprains or torn ligaments or back issues, at young ages of 18 to 20. But that’s professional sport, you have to go all out and beyond to get anywhere, even if you are destroying your body in the process. If anyone had told me at the time (what I know now), of course I would have said, ah yeah, whatever, and carried on. That’s the young determined and crazy mind, and the drive to succeed. The show has to go on, until someone gets hurt. And eventually people (including me) got hurt and some even killed. But that’s a story for another day. 

Walking the Forests and Balancing

S​o let’s get into the beef of this article. Why the three activities

> Walk – Swim – Fight <

will help you live a longer life. Disclosure, I make these assessments and recommendations based on my experience as a former Olympic Athlete, former stressed out and overworked businessman, a father and (divorced) husband, former depressed middle-aged man who at one point didn’t know where to turn or how life would go on, as well as someone who has trained his whole life and is now a Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Meditation Teacher and Writer.

The truth is, all you REALLY need is some form of frequent movement and activity that gets your heart rate moving, to achieve very good fitness and health. No you don’t need to hit the gym and weights every day, and I know so many people who just can’t stand doing this. So this program is for all those thousands of people out there who dislike boring gyms. Follow this advice and you will gain optimal health and fitness, in combination with ideal Primal Eating and Lifestyle Habits!

I’ve begun to understand and have empathy with people who feel this way, because not everyone is cut out for serious training or working out. Some of us love it, others not so much, and the beautiful thing about the Primal Fitness Methods, are you can choose what your goals are, what level you want to get to and how you will get there. It’s not rigid, it’s super flexible and can be adjusted to your life, family and work commitments. As long as you are consistent, and stick to the right Nutrition – Fitness & Lifestyle habits, you will succeed.

Pretty much everyone likes having fun or to play, right? That notion led me to write this article, because I want people to know there are simple and fun ways to lose excess weight, build lean muscle, get and stay fit, by following basic Primal Movement Patterns without stressing yourself physically or mentally. Pundits always emphasize the working out part, just like there are hundreds if not thousands of “fitness models” (male and female) on Instagram touting their latest super workout for $29 per month and so on… All of of this is geared to the clueless and sadly these people in some cases have thousands of clueless sheep following them, paying to view these silly workouts, try them at home, and after a few weeks, fail and give up again.

Is my suggested method ‘The Magic Pill”? Not quite, but it’s close! 

Let’s look at the details and the how’s and why’s:


Walking the Waterfalls

Walking is one of my favorite exercises and it’s become a hobby. Walking is a great low impact aerobic cardio workout, where you can power walk and keep your heart rate below your anaerobic threshold, which is 130 in my case. Exercising in this aerobic state not only burns fat while you exercise, it will have your body burning way more fat all day long than without an aerobic power walk, and it will clear your mind and make you feel great.

Walking allows you to connect with nature, you can read a book if indoors, or you can practice mindful walking and meditate at the same time outdoors. Walking is easy on your joints and back, as it isn’t high impact like running, yet at the same time provides enough impact to support your important bone density. Making walking a daily habit will have a huge benefit to your health. Walking can be your structured or unstructured cardio (meaning you are moving and having fun at the same time, instead of being stressed to get a fast and hard cardio workout in). Just make sure you make an effort to walk as often as you can throughout your day. Walking relaxes your mind, it’s motivational, your mind can get creative while walking in nature and you are breathing fresh air which promotes healthy lungs. After a walk you are going to feel much more energetic and relaxed at the same time, allowing you to open the gates to a positive day. Go get yourself a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots and walk every day. 


Swimming and Sprinting, an amazing workout

Swimming makes you use all muscle groups in your body, and it’s pretty much the only sport or activity that does that in a gentle and safe way. Swimming is a fantastic way to build a strong heart and cardiovascular system. It takes time to learn the Front Crawl Freestyle Swim, which is best way to swim, as you have to learn to control your breathing with 3 to 4 strokes under water breathing out, before you turn your head back and sideways to breath in again. This technique is not easy, but as always, practice makes perfect. If you keep at it, plus make sure your stroke (hands, arms and legs) is correct, you will break through and eventually be able to swim 30 to 60 lengths of a 25-meter pool (half Olympic size). Swimming that distance non-stop is amazing for your heart, plus it builds your muscles to be lean and strong. Just being in water simultaneously gives you a “water therapy”session. Just being in water is beneficial, as it’s relaxing, reduces stress levels and improves your mood. The only issue with swimming is it can get boring  as you stare at the bottom of a pool for 60 minutes. To help the boredom, I recommend buying a waterproof Ipod and headphones for music or books, or you can use the time to think about all the great stuff you are planning to do and what a great life you have. In other words, use this time alone with yourself in the water as meditative time. 

Swimming is also an incredibly efficient and effective way to sprint, and sprinting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to burn fat and build muscle, fast! My favorite way to sprint is swim sprinting, because it’s great for your heart, a huge benefit for your whole body, it’s relaxing, reduces stress and is motivational. Important to remember, sprinting in the pool, as opposed to running on track for example, is much more of a challenge and rewarding, because you are using all your muscles to move super fast in heavy water, and you have to coordinate the breathing underwater. It’s incredibly rewarding and quick to do. A swim sprint session including warm up is over in 15 minutes. Find a decent pool and start swimming 2 times per week to strengthen your cardio system, and swim sprint once a week for fat burn and muscle build.

Fighting!!! Yes, that would be Thai Boxing or Muay Thai: 

Thai Boxing great for Body and Mind

I didn’t actually mean you should go out on the streets or bars and start a fight, but you could defend yourself much better in dangerous situations if you learn and play this sport on a regular basis. 

Thai Boxing is such a great sport and so much fun to do. You have to fully engage and focus, using body and mind at all times. It’s challenging to learn the techniques and moves, needing to be continuously and fully focused, learn the moves and anticipate your sparring partners next move as well. It’s so rewarding and fun to do, and because of the multiple stop and go nature of the sport, your heart rate goes into anaerobic zone only briefly, so you are mostly burning fat and building lean muscle while Thai Boxing as well.

After a Thai Boxing session, your body will feel kind of beaten up (in a good way), your mind will be bouncing off the walls with excitement and positivity. Join a Thai Boxing Club and get your private sessions in. After 10 sessions you will be proficient and can box with other members or friends at home. 


W​alk every day for at least 3 to 5 miles and make this your main cardio activity as well as a habit or even hobby. Burn Fat and Free Your Mind. It will build a strong and healthy heart, as well as creative mind.

S​wim 2 times a week for distance to build a power house cardio system, and strengthen your joints and muscles. Sprint once a week to Burn Fat and Build Lean muscle, fast!

F​ight or Thai Box 1 to 2 times per week for fun as play time and to learn the technique of fighting using your arms, legs and mind. This will Burn Fat, build a Strong and Flexible Body and Mind.

So there you have it. Sure this program will take some time out of your day and week. But, please let’s think about that. By taking some time out to do these things, you are creating a healthier, happier, fitter, stronger, leaner and less stressed you. All without too much headache and all without having to go to the gym every day. Keep in mind, these 3 activities are very Primal in nature. Our Primal ancestors had to walk for miles ad miles every day to hunt and gather, they had to swim to cross rivers, often sprinting I would imagine, to avoid danger, and they would certainly fight a lot amongst each other. Mostly research tells us that they had “play time” fight nights with each other, which were social gatherings to show off and have fun. So there we are, following the Primal Lifestyle in our modern world has great benefits and it doesn’t have to be hard or daunting.

Walking the Rice Fields
Meditate Daily.
Peace through Meditation

Please send me any questions or comments you may have! I’m happy to help you get started in any way I can. 


Rob Hourmont

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