Yoga Routine

Guru Made Sumantra – Yoga Healing Therapist, Master Usada Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Founder of Civa Linggam Asram, Pasraman Markandeya Yoga and Windhu Siwa Yoga Foundation.

Guru Made Sumantra was born in the village of Banjar Payogan, Ubud, and grew up in a family of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian).

The healing tradition was passed on from his grandfather and previous ancestors. Balinese shamans still play a central role in public health care and this has remained virtually unchanged since ancient times.

The Balinese lineage of healing normally skips a generation and is passed down through the male line. Guru Made Sumantra was the boy chosen by his grandfather to keep this lineage alive within the family.

Guru Made Sumantra began his healing practice with his own family, and gradually extended it to neighbours and eventually anyone who heard about him. In addition he continually improved his knowledge by way of learning from other healers, praying in temples and other sacred places, and through spiritual discipline. Most importantly Guru Made Sumantra found his spiritual teacher, Maha Rsi Markandeya, and surrendered to God (Lord Siva).

About the growth of his establishments

In the unique environment which Guru Made Sumantra has created at the Yoga Healing Bali, whereby healing occurs on many levels, he has been able to help countless local people as well as people from around the world, with their physical and spiritual problems.

Through his work and the financial support of Yoga Healing Bali, Guru Made Sumantra was able to establish Ashram Civa Linggam. The Ashram was established to further assist the spiritual needs of the seeker and to offer people from other cultures the opportunity to fully experience his culture and to develop an understanding of Universal Spirituality. There is accommodation in the Ashram for the person who wishes to study deeply and to do that in a very quiet, serene, isolated environment.

Throughout his entire life, Guru Made Sumantra has devoted both time and money to local communities and currently travels around the world to help people. To continue his mission he recently established Windhu Siwa Yoga Foundation. This foundation was created to open up his assistance around the world.

Guru Made Sumantra, the founder of Windhu Siwa Yoga Foundation / Civa Linggam Asram and Pasraman Markandeya Yoga is also the Atman Jnanam Therapist and Spiritual Teacher who established Yoga Healing Bali  and Civa Linggam.

Markandeya Yoga is a technique and system of healing Yoga which comes from his personal mastery of Yoga and yearning to find the best technique to heal the body fast. This type of Yoga is developed especially for Pasraman Markandeya Yoga and he has passed his knowledge to his students at the Pasraman.

This healing Yoga uses Markandeya yoga system along with pranayama (breath) at the same time. This is important for energy raising, flowing, moving and balancing. Pranayama is raising the energy so that you can use in your life.

With this technique people can in a short time feel the energy working internally and making the glands active.

When the glands are active, everything will become more flexible because of the volume of oxygen moving inside the body and opening every joint. In the long run this Yoga helps the kundalini to rise.

It is more important to make the glands active in the body first. In Markandeya Yoga you need to move the body together with the breathing which activates the glands. When the glands are active, from the energy moving, that is how we can make the body more flexible. More oxygen moving in the body can burn toxins in the body and cleanse the blood and the muscles.

That’s why we call it Yoga Healing Therapy, raising the Kundalini through movement with breathing. It is combined with Tantra, Astanga, Hatha and Yantra  Yoga and he has chosen particular Asanas which are important in raising the energy and helping the gland system.