Fun Outdoor Random Workouts

With the weather being this nice, or at least not raining here in New York, I love to get out into the forests or local parks and just have fun exercising. I will walk through the park (can’t run as I have a titanium knee) and decide what I will do when I see some sort of obstacle I can use. Be that a park bench, tree, fence or tree stumps lying around. The other day I came up with a simple yet highly effective Primal Movements routine, which I did in ultra fast mode circuit training style with very short 30-45 second breaks between sets.

The routine was:

15 Incline Push-Ups, with your legs resting up on the high end of a park bench or fence

50 Squats

20 Basic Push-ups

1 Minute Planks

No breaks between exercises, 45 second break between sets. Do 3 – 5 sets of these during a light jog or walk through your local park.


The incline Push-Ups a great addition as they are very effective at targeting the upper part of your chest muscles as well as your shoulders, core and arms. This is a great exercise to add to your repertoire.

Get outside as often as you can and get creative with your workout, but just have fund doing it. This is a great way to experience nature and get grounded as well as well rounded off with some FOREST THERAPY !

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