From New York to Bali and Back to Fort Lauderdale!

a primal lifestyle fort lauderdale

My path to becoming a seasoned Health & Lifestyle Coach.

An interesting ride of ups and downs, driven by determination, perseverance, inspiration, self-belief and hard work. Proving to be a great way to heal, find balance and ideal health, fitness and happiness again.

New York:

Moving to upstate New York some 3 years ago was probably the worst move I ever made, as it ended up destroying my life as I knew it, getting divorced and ending up being more sick and depressed than ever before.

Or was it?

see the good in every situation
Perspective is everything

That became an interesting question to me about a year ago, when I realised this had all happened for a reason. I since realized, that the worst had to happen to me for me to kick myself in my ass, find myself and move on with life, instead of holding on to old relationships and habits that were destroying me.

I was granted a wonderful “new life”, I just had to open my eyes, take it and move on. I finally acted upon this, at times without even realizing. But soon it all started to make perfect sense.

So, the move to upstate New York was not the worst ever, it was a blessing in disguise. Therefore, I thank New York State for that!

I took control of my life and destiny, I found out about Primal Health Coaching. I enrolled in the course and steamed through it in record time because I was so fascinated at what I was learning.

I would go to bed thinking about getting up and continuing my studies early the next morning, excited and eager to learn more.


Once I completed the course, I was wary of setting up my practice in upstate New York with all the past troubles surrounding me. I jumped in the deep end and took off for Bali, for what was to be a 1 to 2 month trip, to shoot photos and videos, as well as find myself.

yoga in bali
Getting my yoga on in beautiful Bali

I ended up staying there for close to a year, as I gradually immersed myself into the culture, enjoying the easy and hassle free relaxed way of life. This greatly helped me find peace, balance and happiness again.

Bali also helped me become really creative, so I could develop specialized coaching programs, all of which are based on the Primal Fitness Methods, but with my “secret sauce” added, to make the programs interesting and fun, and to make sure things never get boring for clients, or me!

I was also able to complete a Balinese “Higher Energy Healing Meditation” course with my now friend, Guru Made Sumantra, making me a Balinese Meditation Teacher. Guru Made is a wonderful man, a great Yogi and Meditation Teacher.

meditation in bali
Balinese “Higher Energy Healing Meditation”

Additionally I completed a Muay Thai Teacher Training course with Indonesia’s legendary Dodi Karya, a former Thai Boxing Pro in Thailand.

muay thai dodi karya
Muay Thai with the legendary Dodi Karya

I found peace, my spiritual side, calm and much happiness in Bali. I am therefore extremely grateful to Bali and it’s people for helping me achieve my goals, helping me become a better person and to find happiness again.

Fort Lauderdale:

Suddenly at some unexpected time in Bali I realized it was time for me to go back. Yes, it was exactly like a calling. Voices telling me to go home, back to my kids and start my newfound life and work in the USA, and Fort Lauderdale it was.

Now that I was healed physically, mentally and spiritually, and that I had gained such immense experience with my work, built such a formidable program that works for clients every time, and I had coached many wonderful clients and friends back to health, fitness and happiness, I was ready.

After only a week or two of these nagging feelings and thoughts going on, I did it again, I got up, packed my bags, jumped in the deep end and before you knew it (even before I knew it), I was in Fort Lauderdale, where I have now set up my home and practice and have already begun to help people heal, regain their fitness, health and happiness.

New home and practice in Fort Lauderdale
Ready to go in my new home and practice in Fort Lauderdale

I am unspeakably grateful and thankful to the USA and that I am able and allowed to live and work here. Like I said in the beginning, everything definitely happened for a reason and I’m now here.

I’ve come full circle, I’m a much better person than I used to be and again, eternally grateful that I have been given these new opportunities to serve and help others.

Besides working with personal private clients, I would like it to be known that I’m looking for volunteer work in all possible fields, to help as many people regain their health and happiness.

Further, I am available as a public speaker at any type of clubs, churches and events.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have me speak about health, nutrition and fitness/lifestyle at your event.

Thanks to everyone!


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