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As a former Olympic & Wold Cup Skier you can bet that I have done my fair share of working out in gyms, running up mountains, endless hard-core cardio sessions, in the gym or running for hours in the forests, sprinting on the track, sprinting up the steps of the ski jumping stadiums, mountain biking to the top of mountains, or hiking to the very peak of various mountains, in a bid to become fitter and fitter in preparation for the hard ski racing winter season. Added to that we had to spend August through November ski training on the European glaciers, which meant up to the top of the glacier at close to 10000 ft. elevation (very thin air up there – hard to breath) every day 5-6 days a week at 6am. We would ski train for 4 hours, then down to the hotel for some lunch, a rest or sleep if you could within a 2 hour break window, then back to the gym for a strength training workout session and possibly a 45 minute run after that. All to be repeated, more or less the same the next 5 days.

Sound like overtraining to you? Yep that’s exactly what it was back then in 1990’s. I am sure it is slightly better structured today, but excessive training is going on in all kinds of sports and sadly conventional wisdom’s view on fitness, workouts, cardio and any other type of exercise program follows the “more is better” mantra. The reality is (scientifically proven reality) that this view and exercise regime is completely flawed and counterproductive. Why are so many people (male and female) who religiously attend these 1-hour spin classes 3 or more times a week, or so many people who run for an hour or more a day still visually overweight? The answer is very simple; they are not burning fat, they are burning glucose. This chronic cardio/workout and chronic carbohydrate sugar based metabolism pattern that people are stuck in without knowing it. Nobody is telling them at the gym, as they want the entire classes booked solid. You see your neighbor running like crazy every day, or your coworker, so so do you.

When you are performing cardio exercises for a long period of time at a high heart rate, your body does simply not burn fat, it burns sugar (glucose), which you are producing on mass because of a high carbohydrate and sugar based diet. Thinking it is great to load up with tons of carbs in the morning or for lunch to be able to have the energy and motivation to pull off that hard-core run, spin class or whatever other class, or a hard specific muscle targeted weight lifting session. You feel great after, totally pumped up and awesome. Yep, that’s the cortisol level in your bloodstream (fight or flight hormone) that has been raised to alert type levels for over 1 hour. That is not a good thing, as having your heart rate raised close to your maximum for such lengths and thus producing excessive amounts of cortisol is in fact very bad for both your heart and nervous system. This behavior accelerates cell division. The faster your cell division, the lower your life span expectancy. So not a great thing folks.If you slow down your cell division = longevity! In addition, very frequently after such workouts you are going to get very hungry and your brain tells you that because you did such a great job working out, you can afford to eat a lot tonight or when your next meal may be. Most likely you are having some protein but again most people out there are loading up on the spaghetti and rice (carbs = glucose) and maybe one or two sports drinks after the workout too (these are loaded with glucose which is a shot of sugar directly into your liver and bloodstream). So here again, it us very likely that a very large amount of carbohydrates and sugars have been ingested after the workout, adding huge amounts of calories to your diet, rendering the workout and calorie burning useless. Adding insult to injury, it may well be that so much glucose ends up in your system after a replenishing carb fueled lunch or dinner that your body does not actually burn it all, despite the workout, therefore it is locked away as triglycerides in your fat cells, adding to your problem.

I will be publishing more scientific detail about chronic overtraining that goes on all over the world in the next few days on my blog.  For now I have compiled a weekly (daily) workout routine for you, which you can find here. This routine works and it is not hard to perform. I mean it is hard to do as it will challenge you, but it is fast, efficient and highly effective. And you do not have to spend hours and hours working out. This routine along with the right nutrition will get you to your dream goals in 1 month!

Workout Plans

This is the essentially the recommended Primal workout routine which I am tailoring into a weekly plan. It can be changed and tailored as you go along. I will be adding weekly workout routines which are fun, fast and effective to my website every weekend for you to start with in the coming week.

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