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A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 7

Frestro Artisan Gourmet Cuisine My exploration and discovery of the Healthy Bali is getting richer and more exciting by the day. After spending days visiting treasured spots of culture, geographic landmarks, and breath taking beaches, as well as various fitness facilities, restaurants and the fascinating local fish market in Kedongan, Jimbaran – my 7th Day […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 6

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Day 6 – Pasar Kedonganan: The Traditional Fish Market After a somewhat chilled and relaxing day of Cardio at Rai Fitness, my next stop of choice was the local fish market in the Jimbaran area. I had not had the chance to enjoy good fish or seafood yet, as I am very cautious when it […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 2

Day 2 Having spent my first day exploring the riches of Bali and seeking spectacular places to have fun exercising as well as visiting an inspiring company, Day 2 called for some serious PLAY TIME.  Action Sports and fun was on the agenda in form of Muay Thai Boxing and Water-skiing. These two activities rank […]

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 1

Day 1: Once I arrived in Bali it took me a few days to get myself sorted out and ready. As I am staying for a while I didn’t want to commit to a place without seeing it so I took a leap and came here with no real accommodation set. That meant hotel hoping […]