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Cardio and Weight Training program
Cardio Bike and & Elliptical

Real Cardio which will support fat metabolism during exercise and rest consists of low-level aerobic exercises and NOT mid to high-level chronic cardio such as Spinning or high intensity running or other such activities.

Running – Walking – Biking – Swimming – Rowing – Skipping – Elliptical

Are all great ways to exercise your cardiovascular system if performed aerobically 3 – 5 times per week for an hour each time.

These structured aerobic workouts should be performed at a comfortable heart rate of 180 BPM, minus your age. It is very important to stick to this rule and measure your rate with a heart rate monitor. If you constantly go above you are in the anaerobic zone and in chronic cardio, causing your heart unnecessary stress and you are not burning any fat, just glycogen.

My fitness routines are designed after the movement and activity pattern of our ancestors, which shapes a healthier body and a more complete fitness enthusiast by building speed – endurance – power – strength.

treadmill incline walk_Cardio and Weight Training program
Elliptical_Cardio and Weight Training program

In contrast, many exercisers both novice and competitive pursue “specialized goals”, which are often far too extreme and destructive to their health.

The Primal Lifestyle Program of eating and exercising correctly breaks the injurious cycle of consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates and performing chronic “carb burning” cardio. It enhances fat metabolism, making long term weight management a simple task when combined with a Primal Lifestyle low insulin-producing eating pattern.

My Primal Lifestyle Program will give you weight management success and many other beneficial factors. I guarantee this, as long as you follow my instructions.