In Bali, I have developed the Optimal Primal Health Coaching Program for you. I coach in person, individually online and via online group courses. I work to achieve your goals in optimal health, happiness & well-being.

A Primal Lifestyle Food

Conventional Wisdom’s grain-based, low-fat diet has artificially created a sugar and carbohydrate-based metabolism.

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Workout Plans

Maximum Fitness Can Be Achieved in Minimal Time With High Intensity Workouts.

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Primal Play

Learn about the Key Concepts of going Primal and its simple yet amazing health benefits.

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Health Coaching Options

What is your life and well-being worth to you?Learn more about your options.

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Vacation Primal Health Coaching

This Luxury Primal Lifestyle Vacation will not stress you in any way and provide you with what your body deserves the most.

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What is Primal Lifestyle?

It is my passion and mission to help others achieve optimum health and happiness, to heal and to make you high on life.

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