A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 6

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Day 6 – Pasar Kedonganan: The Traditional Fish Market

After a somewhat chilled and relaxing day of Cardio at Rai Fitness, my next stop of choice was the local fish market in the Jimbaran area.

I had not had the chance to enjoy good fish or seafood yet, as I am very cautious when it comes to fish and restaurants these days. You can’t just walk into any restaurant that says “seafood” and hope for a good meal, nooooo. So I took my time, enjoyed the delicious meats and vegetables on the island until I found out about this fish market at Kedonganan.

It’s quite amazing; you walk in to a seemingly small tent to be exposed to hundreds of vendors and thousands of fish and seafood types. It’s all there Tuna, Barracuda, Red Snapper, Eel, Shrimp, Squid, Lobster just to name a few. And that was what I bought (minus the Tuna) for lunch.

The next amazing thing here is you walk out of the market with your bags of fish and seafood and drop it off in a local Warung (Restaurant), literally right next door. Wait 20 minutes for them to grill it and then be served this delightful feast within minutes of buying it.

Could really not get much fresher than this! And very reasonably priced. The most amazing thing though was the taste. The way these guys grilled this stuff was incredible. Accompanied with the tastiest garlic and chilli sauces, this turned out to be the best fish and seafood meal I have ever had….and the best meal on the island so far.

A Primal Lifestyle in Bali

Just goes to show how beautiful fish and seafood can taste when prepared and cooked right. In my opinion this is the only real way to eat fish. There is no need to consume it in high-end overpriced restaurants where you don’t even know how old it is. From now on I am only going to be consuming my fish like this, from the market direct to my table, or grill it myself.

The Message:

Getting as close to the source of your food is very important. I cannot emphasize this enough. Make it part of your lifestyle to go out of your way to get to the freshest sources or suppliers. Do not make short cuts. Got to farms or markets and buy as direct from the source as you can. Cook it yourself or have it cooked for you, keeping it basic and focus on the fish and nothing else is needed.

This way you will be guaranteed nutritious and deliciously healthy fish and seafood every time; it’s a satisfying experience, good for your wallet and mind.
Buy and eat local and buy direct and fresh!

A Primal Lifestyle @ Bali


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