A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 4

Day 4

Rai Fitness and the very special Ayam Betutu Restaurant in Kuta Bali


My Primal Lifestyle journey is getting better and better by the day. After a day of amazing play at the AlingAling Waterfalls it was time to hit the gym again for a combined session of Body Weight and Free Weights workout with my great workout partner here in Bali, Indah. Rai Fitness is a famous club here as the owner, Ade Rai, is 2 x World Champion of Bodybuilding and a famous Movie Star here in Indonesia. I am still to meet the big man in the next few days and can’t wait. A Legend he is and his passion and dedication are reflected in the Rai Fitness Club, which is one of the nicest clubs I have worked out in.  It’s compact; it has great equipment and facilities and is clan and amazingly friendly staff. I will be basing my Health Coaching Fitness programs out of the Rai Club. 10 Stars for Rai Fitness! Well done Ade!!!

The Workout

Indah is a very fit Personal Trainer at the Rai Fitness. I decided to test her fitness level with my Primal Lifestyle Body Weight workout. She did well, but she also struggled with some of the movements. This tells you how serious your own body weight and workouts like this are, just using your body. Simple, extremely effective and quick to perform. We ran through one set of the Body Weight Workout being:

Push-ups, Pull-Ups, Squats, Plank, Handstand and Wall Sit… then went on to

… a round of Free Weights consisting of:

Incline Dumbbells, Cable Butterfly, Feet to Bar Swing, Squats, Cable Row, Lat Pull-downs and Pull-Ups.

That concluded a powerful workout for the day, which we completed in about 35 minutes. Lifting hard and heavy and not taking much in form of breaks. This workout is optimal as we are not stressing our hearts for too long and not keeping our Cortisol (Stress Hormone) levels raised high for too long, but at the same time we are getting in a VERY EFFECTIVE workout in a short time. Felt great! Thanks Indah for your help!

The Message:

Keep it short but do it hard and right. Pay attention to your form, as form is far more important than quantity or weight. Do your workout concentrated and in shortest time possible, being kind to your heart. It will thank you for it by giving you more years of a working heart. If you stress your heart too much too often you are doing damage to your heart. This creates rapid cell division due to the constant stress and your lifespan is shortened. Follow my method, decrease cell division and increase your longevity!

Ayam Betutu Restaurant, Kuta Bali

I have been enjoying some outstanding food during my Primal Lifestyle trip and haven’t had much time to cook due to an intense schedule. Plus the amazingly fresh and delicious food they cook in Bali, I want to try it all, why cook!

The food here is always prepared with locally sourced ingredients and produce straight from the farms. Their use of fresh and healthy produce, even healthy self made Coconut Oil for cooking is an eye opener, even for me. This goes to show how we in the West are selling ourselves short by eating inferior products and produce and using horrible oils for cooking. Well that is if you are the majority and are not PRIMAL like I am. I only eat healthy farm raised and fresh meats, fish, vegetables and nuts and seeds, as well as healthy oils for cooking.  It is so easy to do if you know what to do! NO GRAINS is the main answer to your health and weight problems people!

Very interesting factoid I just heard on CNN about rice crops. Did you know that rice farming uses about 1/3 of the Worlds water daily? This is utter madness, considering this is actually grain we humans do not need and is not good for us. I know, I am in Asia and everyone eats rice. That is a cultural thing that has been engrained over many hundreds or thousands of years. But only because rice is cheap and it thus became a staple out of necessity. We do not need rice folks and everyone would be healthier we stopped eating it. Wild rice being the exception as it is a plant, not a grain.

Ayam Betutu – Famous Steamed and Spiced Chicken

Specialising in this incredible steamed Chicken in a mix of 15 spices steamed with water and coconut oil for about 1.5 hours and served with some amazing local spinach and spicy sauce. I saw and filmed the whole process in the kitchen and had the pleasure to be served this mouth-wateringdish, which I could not get enough of. I highly recommend coming to this place when in Bali. Flavours here that I have not tasted before. And it’s totally PRIMAL if you leave the rice alone.

For me that just comes naturally now. I am not even interested in the rice. I enjoy the flavours of the meat and veggies so much, it’s truly liberating.  And the key is , I am never hungry and I can eat whenever I want or need to. There is no when is and what is for lunch or dinner, or when is lunch or dinner as my body is Primal and fat adapted. I fasted for 20 hours before this lunch, worked out in the morning too, no problem, full of energy and no food cravings. And guess what, my body is lean and I am fit and healthy!

The Message:

When going out for dinner make sure you research your restaurants. Don’t just eat whatever they may serve and question everything. Make your restaurant choices are based on the quality of their meats and vegetables and these should be farm raised animals and organic. Be kind to your body and follow this rule. Don’t just eat at a restaurant because it is cool or fancy. Make and effort get good food when you go out. Think about what your money is buying you. It should be your HEALTH!


A Primal Lifestyle @Bali

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