A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 2

Day 2

Having spent my first day exploring the riches of Bali and seeking spectacular places to have fun exercising as well as visiting an inspiring company, Day 2 called for some serious PLAY TIME.  Action Sports and fun was on the agenda in form of Muay Thai Boxing and Water-skiing. These two activities rank up high as two of the hardest sports to master and certainly great ways to get fit, lean and super strong, both cardio and strength wise.

The first is very Primally aligned activity in my opinion – Kick Boxing, or Muay Thai – as I am pretty sure our primal ancestors had plenty of full on bare knuckle fist fights with each other, be it over shelter, food or partners! I can further imagine that those times could well have had “play time” with such types of fighting or sparring being seen as a game. This is why I am including this in my Primal Lifestyle workout routines (as well as it being categorized as playtime for me) because it is hard work, takes full effort, but it brings a smile to my face every time I do this. I highly recommend adding this to your routine. It will help you get agile, fast on your feet, teach you self defence and is an amazingly fun and fulfilling workout. *Private lessons only please!

The Daily Gym Bali in Seminyak was the place I got drawn to and how happy I was to find this little gem of a Muay Thai Gym.  My session with Head Trainer, Kru Rakthai was about to start at 11am. I was a little weary, as I have not kick boxed in 5 years. I used to frequently kick box when I lived in Saint Tropez, France. My good friend and ex French Campion, Laurent Petit was the man who taught me to Kick Box and got me hooked. Man we would have some heavy sparring sessions. I would get so pumped that I thought I could take him down, only to find when I got too cocky I ended up on the mat quickly with Laurent towering over me with his big old grin all over his face! Those were the days.

The session I had here in Seminyak at the Daily Gym Bali with Kru was fantastic. This was my first time practicing Muay Thai and surprised I was. The moves are a lot more technical than Kick Boxing. I struggled to keep going for a while, but found a rhythm and we both started to have some fun in the ring. I went all out for about 5 minutes, which is all it takes to exhaust you… So again while doing so I was not over demanding on my heart, as I also do not want any routine to be to challenging for too long. After all, I want to live a very long and healthy life and not overstress my heart unnecessary for too long as so many people do with their daily cardio or gym routines.

I took a break and met the Owner, Arva –  another great and super friendly guy. Seems to me almost everyone is super friendly here in Bali. Arva and Kru then performed a sparring session for me to watch and learn. That helped a lot. At least I got the moves down better during my following round with Kru.

If in Bali visit the Daily Gym Bali. It is truly an inspiring place and that’s why I am placing it top of the list of best businesses here in Bali.



After a round of boxing completed no further physical activity was really called for that day. However I am an avid water-skier, dragged my water-ski all the way here and could not wait to go. I had this scheduled for a few days already so I was not going to miss it.  Keeping it short and sweet, I skied 3 sets in about 30 minutes and that was all it took for me to be more than beat, yet loving it. I carved out some great turns in the slightly choppy Bali Ocean, however we have a little cove here in this Serangan area. The Serangang Watersport people are great people, helpful and friendly. Their boats are not the best but I guess they do not have many water-skiers in the here. I will definitely be working on getting a real and quality water-ski boat shipped here soon.


The Message:

What I would like to help people realise is that it is a great idea to be active in a few different fun type sports, where you are having fun doing it but at the same time do have a physical challenge. Don’t just hit the gym or go running every day, week after week. Mix it up, try to do stuff outdoors and really make sure you are enjoying what you are doing. This will be great for you body all around and mind, as adding such challenging but fun play time will simply make you happier person and it will definitely contribute immensely to you achieving you idea body composition goals and or other goals you may have set yourself.

That’s A Primal Lifestyle!

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