A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 5

Day 5 – Rai Fitness Cardio Workouts

After a few hectic days of traveling photo and shooting/filming some amazing locations in Bali, I decided it was time to have a semi down day and take it easy.  

Rest is just as important as exercise folks, so please pay attention to your body and rest when you feel achy or tired.

I decided to call my training partner Indah and we agreed to hit Rai Fitness and knock out a mixed fat burning cardio session together. We spent an hour performing aerobic low impact cardio exercises on the gym machines. 


The absolute key here is to keep your heart rate in the aerobic zone and not slip into the anaerobic zone. If you are gong too hard and your heart rate is anaerobic you are actually completely wasting your time. All you are then doing is burning up glycogen (the sugar stored in muscle and the bloodstream) and you will not burn an ounce of fat. 

Contrary to conventional wisdom of going long and hard at cardio, going slow and steady is the only correct way to perform cardio workouts. 

Ever looked around the gym and seen people going hard on the treadmill or Elliptical yet they are still sporting a spare tire or fatty legs? Ever looked at a field of marathon runners and notice that despite the fact that all of these people must have been training for months, the majority is still carrying excess body fat around with them? Well, why if they have been training so hard for so long are they not lean and fat free? 

The answer is above: They have been burning glycogen the whole time and rarely hit the fat burn zone because they push themselves into the anaerobic zone the all time, thinking this is great cardio. Well it is not. Hanging around in the anaerobic zone for too long is damaging to the heart and other organs, plus it certainly will not help you lose fat.

The KEY CONCEPT and MESSAGE here is:

If you want to burn fat, have a healthy heart and be a LEAN FAT BURNING MACHINE like I am, keep you HEART RATE at 180 BMP minus your age. Wear a heart rate monitor to make sure you maintain your accurate heart rate at all times. 

Another decent way to know you are aerobic is if you can talk to your partner or yourself easily and without any struggling while exercising.


Make sure you take sufficient rest and listen to your body. Be intuitive and do not simply follow an exercise routine you have written down regardless of how you feel. Mix it up, do what you feel like or what comes to mind. But make sure you give your body and mind plenty of rest and sleep as well as a day or two off a week. 

My Cardio routine:

  • 15 minutes treadmill incline hill walking at a confortable pace
  • 15 minutes Elliptical at comfortable pace
  • 15 minutes stationary bike at comfortable pace
  • 15 minutes cable rowing at comfortable pace 

A Primal Lifestyle @ Bali 

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