A Primal Lifestyle in Bali, Day 7

Frestro Artisan Gourmet Cuisine

My exploration and discovery of the Healthy Bali is getting richer and more exciting by the day. After spending days visiting treasured spots of culture, geographic landmarks, and breath taking beaches, as well as various fitness facilities, restaurants and the fascinating local fish market in Kedongan, Jimbaran – my 7th Day was low key (as I needed a rest) but just as exciting.  I had the pleasure of visiting this a unique restaurant – FRESTRO Artisan Gourmet Cuisine.

Executive Chef Jovan Koorag personally cooked a wonderful meal for me. He explained to me how this restaurant operates and it is certainly unique.

They only use Organic or Farm Raised produce… but take it a few steps further. Here is how:

They own and operate their own farms!

  • A Vegetable Farm where they grow their Herbs and Vegetables used in the restaurant.
  • An Animal Farm where they largely raise their own animals used for their restaurant.

The animals are raised living a free life and are fed healthy foods as they should be. This is a major commitment to providing their customers with the highest quality of fresh meat and vegetables, while at the same time providing local jobs and ethical treatment of the animals.

It is wonderful to see companies like Frestro operating in such a sustainable and ethical way. These measures are certainly not cheap and logistically more challenging than buying produce from food distributors.

Adding to this great concept, their dishes are beautifully presented and the tastes are exceptional. I truly could taste the difference. The herbs and spices stood out, as did the freshness of the vegetables. The meats were incredibly tender and flavourful.

I highly recommend this restaurant. It is one of the most original and creative places I have come across and the food is exceptional. An added bonus is that your bill will not be huge – they are reasonably priced.

Please visit this wonderful restaurant creation when in Bali! FRESTRO

The Message:

When going out to dine, be critical and select your restaurants based on how they operate and source their produce. Please go out of your way to support local restaurants that make an effort to purchase locally and from farmers, or insist on 100% Organic produce.

You can then trust that you are eating healthy foods without pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s. The majority of regular restaurants will serve you foods containing all of the above, as they buy their produce from “Factory Produced” animals and vegetables.

Eating REAL healthy foods will make you a much healthier and happier person. You will lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and various cancers dramatically.

Consuming meats and vegetables that have been farmed with the use of growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and GMO’s is essentially you knowingly feeding your body poison on a daily basis.

Buy and eat local and buy direct and fresh! Research where you dine out and be critical. Your body will thank you very soon.


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