A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 15

Balinese Healing Yoga & Meditation

My journey documenting how A Primal Lifestyle should be lived and my relentless pursuit to find Special | Health Oriented | Ethical | Inspiring Sites – People – Places – Food – Fitness Clubs – Organic Businesses – Restaurants in Bali came to a conclusion, not an end as this will never end. I will never stray from this path to help others achieve their Optimal Health, Happiness and get High on Life!

On the contrary, my journey has just started with what I have experienced and lived in Bali during the last few weeks. I am now set more than ever to bring this lifestyle to as many people in the world who wish to change and embrace a Healthy and Happy Body and Mind.

Balinese Healing Yoga & Meditation guru Sumantra

My last stop of A Primal Lifestyle in Bali was probably one of the most amazing days of all. I had the honor and pleasure to finally meet and interview the legendary Guru Made Sumantra.

After our chat (see video) the Guru gave me a private lesson in his traditional Balinese Healing Yoga and Meditation. I have done all kinds of Yoga and enjoy most of them, so I didn’t know how this could be much different. Wow, let me tell you it was a fantastic experience.

The Guru has a completely different approach to what I have experienced so far. His yoga is based around your breathing and the energy you give to your body parts through your breath and the most incredible poses that are extremely challenging for any level, yet also manageable for an average Yoga enthusiast like myself.

I walked away from the private class feeling happy and elevated. I then joined the group class filled with wonderful locals. This was a blast and a half! The class was in Indonesian of course and my Indonesian is not so hot just yet – but I have started taking classes so soon I will grasp the language I hope.


My lovely classmates and especially the lovely lady to my left helped me along with the instructions of the Guru. It was funny at times to watch me struggle I am sure. But in the end I had an amazing time, a great laugh, and walked away on cloud 9 with a big grin on my face.

Since then I have been back 3 times a week to practice this wonderful form of healing yoga and meditation.

Guru Made Sumantra is now an official partner of A Primal Lifestyle and his services are recommended in my Optimal Primal Health Program to all of my clients here on the island of Bali, residents or visitors.

Please read the Guru’s information here, and please make an effort to visit the Markandeya and Guru Made Sumantra when you visit. I will of course help you set this up.

Link to Guru Made Sumantra: http://www.aprimallifestyle.com/guru-2/

The Message:

Adding Yoga and Meditation to your weekly movement program is key to achieve optimal gene expression. There are many other forms of movements you can participate in, be that surfing, biking, waterskiing, boxing, kick boxing, SUP, tennis, soccer, basket ball etc etc.

Yoga and mediation for me is super key to staying balanced and grounded.


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