A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 14


Food – and my obsession to eat well and healthy!

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Denpasar Night Market:

When I heard about this 24-hour market I was sure to be going there that same night. Being it’s cooler and the night atmosphere would be gripping. I wasn’t disappointed.

The produce was so fresh and colorful. The prices are incredible, everything is so cheap, I was amazed! 8 Avocadoes for $4 and 4 large boxes of Strawberries for $6. In the USA or Europe we pay around 10 times that price!

The prices were nice, but to find everything so fresh, straight from local farms and presented in abundance was great. It was pleasure roaming the Denpasar market. The vendors are all helpful and friendly.

I managed to secure a bunch of wonderful vegetables, eggs, meat and fruit for my Primal Lifestyle cooking show to happen a day later.

Papaya Supermarket, Sunset Road, Kuta:

On I went the following morning to buy all my basic ingredients at this fantastic grocery store Papaya. They had almost everything I needed, such as

  • Organic Herbs & Spices
  • Grass Fed Minced Beef
  • Eggs from Pasture raised chickens
  • Coconut yogurt (not yogurt but similar and awesome)
  • Coconut Oils, Butter, Bacon
  • Nuts and Seeds

Primal Live Cooking:

That night I went out and rented a lovely little villa through AirBnB as I was still stuck in a hotel waiting for my house to be ready to move in.

I needed a nice and fully functional kitchen to cook my unrivalled Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. These guys have been a secret recipe of mine for the longest time, but I decided for the good cause of making as many people as possible healthy that I would give it up. So it’s on my website under Recipes.

So I cooked up a storm and had the whole thing filmed from beginning to end which you can watch online. Teaser here. No shortcuts here people, all real organic and healthy food.

I source all my food locally and from farmers or markets directly. I have even gone straight to the pig farm here where they breed, raise and slaughter the animals themselves. All 100% organic again!

I served my crew this delicious meal and it was gone in a flash!

Sea Salt & Coconut Oil Makers:

On this day I took another interesting trip up the Bali Highlands to visit East Bali Cashews again. We had to go back and take the whole shoot again; as my video guy messed up the sound the first time around and we found out we had no sound throughout the whole production that day!

Well I believe everything happens for a reason. So we headed back in that direction and on the way I spotted two very cool local set-ups. A woman in a wooden shack who walks down a steep beach to the water, gathers water, shakes it out and that way starts to make her own sea salt. Now you could not be closer to the real source than that!

I filmed the whole process for you to see online. This was quite spectacular. I am a strong guy and I tried to carry these two buckets of water, but I actually could not do it. Wow, this was a 60 something lady. She was rugged. Amazing salt.

Then I found a tiny local coconut maker in the hills. We stopped by there and he explained the process to us. I got myself a bottle, which I now drink, 2 tablespoons twice per day to support my health. Awesome stuff!

The Message:

Enjoy life, make a big effort to go out and enjoy your food. Shop locally and from farmers or markets. Make this a passion like it is for me. Your body will thank you so much for this.

Have fun doing it, as this is an amazing part of our lives!!


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