A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 13

Beach Workout – A Primal Lifestyle Bodyweight 3 Sets @ Mastery Level

My trip to the Bali Mountains the other day was so cool. Being able to visit the Bali Highlands Organiks pig farm and to see how well they go about their business was a treat. The beautiful Ujung Water Palace is a wonderful cultural and architectural experience. You must visit this palace when in Bali.

Being able to go through in a quick brief intuitive workout there in that amazing environment was so much fun as well.

Check out these 2 links:



After that wonderful day trip full of food and cultural experience, a few days later it was time for a beach workout. I decided to head to my favourite spot over in Sanur Bech – where my favourite tree lives – for me to do pull-ups on!

So I called up a new friend I made on the island, Jum from Thailand, and asked her if she wanted to try this routine with me. Being a fitness enthusiast but not much of a gym lover she told me, the idea of working out together on the beach was very cool. She couldn’t wait to find out how this would work and how she would feel.

Jum did great, but I think it did surprise her how hard this routine is. We pumped out my adapted version of Mark Sisson’s “Primal Essential Movements”, which I call A Primal Lifestyle Bodyweight routine, which consists of:


Check out full workout here:

Routine 2 – A Primal Lifestyle Bodyweight

This is really the OPTIMAL Primal workout. It contains all elements of a super charged strength-training workout that hits your whole body and every single muscle group. It is performed in 3 sets in 30-40 minutes. This keeps your exposure to high cortisol levels (stress hormone) to a minimum time frame.

This is important because overstressing your body through chronic exercise or other stressors such as bad sleep, work and life stress will promote Chronic Cortisol Inflammation in your system and this overstimulation can cause Heart Disease.

In fact all of those people hitting the gym hard every day, or the runners and or spinning folks who are driving their heart rate to close to maximum levels for up to 1 hour or even more, all they are all doing is setting themselves up for Heart Disease i.e. Heart Attack.

Check out this CNN article. There is a lot more to this than they are talking about here. But this is happening every day throughout the world. So-called professional trainers or personal trainers are pushing you in these hard-core anaerobic workouts both in cardio and strength training. What they are actually doing is harming your heart on a daily basis and insuring that you lead a shorter life. Yes folks, this is a fact.


And this my friends is why you need a professional and certified Primal Health Coach like me to show you the right way to get healthy and fit.

Anyway, back to the beach session:

It was super fun and amazingly effective. Not only did we have a great workout, we had fun, we did it in the sun on the beach so we also had our daily healthy dose of Vitamin D.

The Message:

Get outside and exercise as often as you can on beaches, in forests or parks, whatever natural surrounding you can find. It will make your workout more fun and make you really happy and high on life, as I like to say!

Keep your strength training workouts to 2 – 3 per week at a maximum. Keep your cardio workouts at a heart rate of 180 minus your age for 30-60 minutes 5 times per week. Don’t push yourself into constant high heart rates. Your cell division will slow this way and you will increase your life span!

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