A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 12 – Part 1

Bali Highland Organiks, Pig Farm A Primal Lifestyle

Bali Highland Organiks, Pig Farm

After spending a couple of days at home base catching up with my writing and hitting the gym, I was rested and ready for another road trip.

Key here being rested and ready – please always be mindful about how you are feeling and don’t push yourself too hard. You need rest to be productive! If you are not well rested, you will not make good decisions and you will stress yourself more.

Wow, what a day this turned out to be. I was exited about going to visit this organic pig farm in the Bali highlands, but what I experienced that day completely exceeded my expectations. I heard about this company after my visit to East Bali Cashews Company and knew there and then I had to check it out.

I had never been to a farm like this plus the fact that this is in Bali and

organic, I wanted to see how it all works.

>>One of my main goals is to promote healthy eating and healthy non-GMO, non-hormones, non-pesticides and non-antibiotic foods. Balihighlandsorganik.com adheres to all of these principles.

>>Another major goal is to raise awareness, discover and report about companies/farms that operate with integrity and compassion, are ethical, support our health as well as make efforts to preserve the environment and encourage sustainability and animal welfare. Bali Highland Organiks does all of this very well. They also have a wonderful working environment. The staff and farmers are happy and cheerful all around. It feels like a family operation and everyone is grateful to be there helping out.

The Bali Highland Organiks Pig Farm is owned and operated by Novie Gehlen and Aaron Fishman. On this day I had the pleasure of meeting Novie herself who explained the history and background of the company as well as the production process. None of this is easy in Bali, but these guys have assembled an incredible operation and have it dialled!

And let me tell you, the product is amazing. I tried the jerky at the farm – incredibly good. I took a bunch of bacon with me and cooked this for my favourite Primal brunch for the next week. The flavors of this bacon are incredible. The difference from “regular” bacon is astonishing. Now I myself know what it really means to go right to the source. Buying “organic” is one thing and much better than buying the factory produced meats, but this is a step way further. You can tell that these animals were raised naturally, raised well and with real and appropriate foods.

Novie then kindly took me on a tour of the facilities from pig farm to slaughterhouse:

How BHO does this is very interesting and cool as they are not just producing incredible high quality meats, they are greatly supporting the local economy and farming industry.

They breed their own piglets, then sell these to a number of local farmers, with whom they have set up the infrastructure. They then supply all the foods and equipment needed for the farmer to operate his farm (each farm has around 40 – 60 pigs). Once the pigs are grown and ready for slaughter they buy them back from the farmers, minus cost of food and original cost price. Novie oversees all the farming on a daily basis and makes sure all is run according to her standards.

I visited a couple of these little farms and it was great. As you can see from my photos and video, the pigs are running around having fun and enjoying their lives. There really could not be a better environment for these animals.

They then slaughter the animals and process the meats 100% themselves, with all natural ingredients. Keeping it super real they have their own garden where they grow the herbs and spices, which are used for the sausage flavors.

At the end of the tour, Novie took me to a lovely wooden house built in the Bali hills and cooked pork chops for lunch for my crew and me. Needless to say, this was quite a surprise. I did not expect the boss to invite us to their house and cook for us. But that I now know is how people are in Bali. Friendly, happy, helpful and all they want to do is make you happy. Thanks Novie, the lunch was delicious and wonderful.

You cannot get much closer to the source (nor be more assured of the high quality and purity of the meat) than this.

The Message:

Be real to yourself and go out and find sources. Find better produce. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York, London, Wellington, Maui, Cape Town etc… All over the world there are gems of small companies who actually care about our well being and the animals they farm. You do not need to buy and eat industry-produced meats – no – go out and find your special sources. Help them help you. This is such a great thing to do.

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