A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 11

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Rai Fitness Club – Free Weights Power Play Workout

Free Weights Power Play Workout:

Today I decided it was time again for an indoor workout. I took this opportunity to put together my so-called “Power Play” routine. Along with my training partner Indah, we pumped out an amazing session in 40 minutes.

This is an immensely intense and effective full body workout. My guideline is to always keep my strength training sessions to 30 – 40 minutes maximum, going all out and training my entire body.

The reason for this is to reduce the amount of time spent stressing my heart and producing high levels of cortisol – the fight or flight stress hormone. Once again, it is NOT healthy to constantly push up your cortisol levels as this hormone is meant to be used for our protection, to alert us to dangers and make us react and make decisions to protect – thus fight or flight.

Today’s conventional wisdom to train specific muscle groups only, lifting weights for hours daily is flawed. All that is actually doing is artificially raising cortisol levels daily, which in turn speeds up our cell division, which translates into a shorter life span. We want to slow down our cell division for optimal longevity.

Training hard with weights every day further promotes increased appetite, which mostly results in a higher daily caloric intake, resulting in increased fat or no loss of fat cells.

That is the reason you should follow my Health Coaching Training programme and step away from conventional methods. No matter how young or old you are. Bear in mind this will support your longevity and provide you with optimal fitness and body composition in the shortest time, allowing you to enjoy family, friends, hobbies, just live more every day.

As Mark Sisson says – Live Awesome!!

Please check out the workout by following this link: Strength Training Routine

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