Man’s best Friend!

Your Dog will always Love You the Most.

I have had dogs my ever since I was a 7-year-old child. Not having a dog around today would be strange for me as they play such a big part in my life and the life of my children. Dogs are loving, caring and protective, they always give you unconditional love and whenever they see you, their way of saying hello tells you how much they love you. Jumping up on you to say hello or licking your face and running around in circles are all signs of the Therajoy they feel when they see you.


Some people reprimand their dogs for jumping up or licking, well you should not, as they are dogs and that is exactly how they are programmed to show affection. Why make them confused or sad by telling them off for being loving to you? How would you feel if you come home to your husband or wife and are happy to see your spouse and express that by giving a big hug and kiss, to then be told to stop it?

They make us move, by Walking!

I think a few of us know the answer, not good, stopped dead in your tracks type of feeling… Anyway, back to our dogs, they are soothing, comforting and loving to us. Plus they make us get off our butts and take multiple short and longer walks (if you are a responsible dog owner) a day. They love the walks we take them on no matter how long or short and this gives us lots of frequent movement which helps us stay healthy and fit. My mother, now 75 years old, has had dogs her whole life too. She is fit as a fiddle and stronger and healthier than many 55-year-olds!

Free Therapy!

Spending time with our dogs walking or just cuddling and stroking them is extremely therapeutic for us. It calms us and gives good feelings due to the release of OXYTOCIN (known as the „love hormone”) in your brain. So love your dog back, let your dog kiss you, let your dog hang on your sofa with you or sleep with you.

Cleaning Solutions.

Yes, they make a mess but guess what, there are some amazing vacuum cleaners out there. Check out the Dyson Ball Animal 2

Amazing product, fast and cleans your floors, sofa or bed spotless in no time.
Then there is the Dyson V6 Top Dog Hand-Held Vacuum. Amazing little thing and it does a great job quickly and with ease. So no excuses folks, if you own a dog, let that dog live with you and love it back as much as it loves you. If you don’t own a dog, maybe you should consider it. But before actually getting a dog, please consider your personal and work circumstances very carefully so that you are sure you will be able to spend time and look after your new friend properly. We do not want our beloved 4 legged friends being sent back to shelters.

But by the way, it is not that hard to look after a dog and with all the wonderful services out there now such as help is around the corner all the time!

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Rob Hourmont

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