7 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Great Day!

And How to keep it Great! 

Espresso with Cream, I love it!

Have you heard or read stories of late, talking about how “successful & famous people” have their routines, such as morning, night or even their daily routines, and how these have contributed so profoundly to their success? Then the writer or interviewer goes on to insinuate that we should all learn from these routines as there must be something to them, and if we don’t get on our bikes and copy (a chunk) then how can we expect to be successful?

I find this rather annoying to be honest and a bunch of BS! One person’s routine is not the other’s, and, I doubt their current routine (probably acquired way after becoming successful) really had anything to do with their success today. Their success probably has to do with a number of other factors (plus chunk of good luck). Anyway, not relevant for this article.

That’s why I decided to write my own little piece about this subject and give my advise, which I think is down to earth, realistic, achievable, proven to work, and anyone can do it. The idea is about making yourself feel good, by starting your day on a positive note and creating a positive mindset. Depending on your line of work, family obligations and schedule, these 7 tips can be adjusted to your timeline and do not have to be followed exactly as outlined here. By following these steps, you can definitely help yourself in setting up a good day, no matter what your situation may be.

The 7 Ways

1.Go to Bed Early (ish)

Staying up late watching TV until past midnight, doesn’t help you get a good nights sleep, nor does it help you feel refreshed and ready to go the next day. Staying up late makes you sluggish in the morning. I aim to get to bed no later than 10:30 and up at 6:30. This gives me a good 8 hours sleep, which is what our bodies and brain really need to fully recover and reprogram. Do I always manage this every night and morning? No I don’t, just like superman and superwoman probably don’t either… but that’s what I aim for.

2. Waking Up

Waking up with sunrise would be best, following our circadian rhythm, but some of us have to get up earlier for work and that’s ok. When you wake up, don’t jump out of bed, take your time, roll around and stretch a bit. Enjoy the moment in bed and be happy you are waking up to another new and beautiful day. Rushing and jumping out of bed immediately creates stress and unnecessary cortisol production, which stresses our hearts (and minds). So be gentle and kind to yourself and enjoy the moment. No stress.

3. Coffee & Lemon Water

The first thing I do is go the the kitchen drink a glass of room temperature lemon water, which I would have prepared in a jug the night before. Then I’ll make my coffee, sit or stand in the kitchen while the coffee is brewing, so I can enjoy the smell of the freshly brewed coffee (I love that). At the same time I’ll check my emails and social media pages to get updated and see if anything important is there that may need my attention. When I say important, I mean something important, not how many likes you got for your last Insta post. So no, don’t go liking back and all that rubbish. Check, observe, let it simmer and enjoy your coffee or tea, enjoy your you time.

Read about all the benefits of drinking lemon water here:


4. Go for a Walk 

Get outdoors and go for a fast paced walk. Some may say, easy for you to say living in Florida! Well, I’ve just spent the Holidays in Canada and it’s been an average of 10 Fahrenheit / – 12 Celsius. I have been following my routine by going out every morning for a 2 – 3 mile walk, right after I’m up and had my coffee. If the weather is too lousy then do something aerobic at home for 20 to 30 minutes (stationary bike, skipping rope, boxing with bag or shadow boxing), but get moving no matter what. After that make sure you stretch each body part for 10 minutes, then hit the shower.

Primal Health Coach
Walking or running the Steps makes you Happy!

Low key aerobic exercise (with our without fresh air) first thing in the morning is proven to activate your “happy” brain cells, creating a positive mood and mindset. Just make sure you are thinking as little as possible while exercising, just thinking about how lucky you are to be able to do this now, so be with you, in the now! Don’t think about other stuff.

5. Meditate and/or Think Happy Thoughts

Some advocate to meditate as soon as you wake up. I prefer it this way, after my coffee and exercise, as my mind is stimulated and awake, then I can then sit down and truly focus on being quiet with myself. If I meditate immediately after waking up, I’m not all there and there’s a good chance I’ll snooze off and (wrongly) call it meditation. An important part of my routine is POSITIVE AFFIRMATION. I do this at the end of each session. Sitting there, feeling calm and nice and relaxed, I will then start to speak to myself, saying thanks to my family and close friends, being grateful for everything I have and the fact that I’m alive, healthy and on a good path (and this is not about money or success, it’s about finding peace and calm). I will repeatedly tell myself that I will get what I’m asking for, and I’ll make it clear what I’m asking for and how I’ll achieve the things I desire. You have to be asking and telling yourself these things with a realistic  plan in mind, not just that you want them…that won’t work. Completing the session by repeating my gratefulness and thanking again for a wonderful day ahead.

Meditation with Positive Affirmations sets the tone for the day!

6. Breakfast

Try not to eat breakfast right away. It’s not the most important meal of the day… someone lied to you about that one, trust me. Hold off on breakfast as long as you can, then eat something later in the morning. Try to make it something healthy, such as eggs, avocado and bacon, or just eggs. Avoid breads, jams, honey and fruit as much as you can, believe it or not, that stuff isn’t god for you. If you can go without breakfast and make it to an early lunch, that’s even better. Guess why? You will be consuming less calories, therefore becoming less fat over time, as you are creating a caloric deficit, which can help you lose excess weight instead of gaining weight. More on that in the next post.

7. Re-Affirmations

If at any point during your day you start to get upset, angry or annoyed with someone or something, whatever may have happened for whatever reason, stop yourself, take deep breaths and go back to the positive affirmations you made earlier. Re-affirm these thoughts and wishes firmly in your mind, or speak them out aloud. Repeat them and hold them at the front of your mind. You will see, after a while, you can move on and will feel fine again, a weight will be lifted and that thing that bothered you, will be gone. This is called “mind control”, you, controlling your mind, not the other way around.

That’s the summary of my 7 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Great Day! I hope you like them and give them a try.

If you have to work late (in a restaurant for example), you can still practice these techniques, you just have to adjust to your schedule. But the same holds true, if you finish work at say midnight, don’t hang around drinking or smoking or doing other stupid things for hours until it’s suddenly 4am…

I would love to hear your comments and let me know if you have tried these 7 ways and how it goes.

Yours truly,

Rob Hourmont


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Former Olympic Athlete in Skiing, 25 years experience in business leadership, sales & marketing in the sporting goods and fashion industry. Transformed my life by becoming a Health Coach, Trainer, Writer and Meditation Teacher!


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