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At 49 years young I am healthier and fitter than I was at 18 when I competed in the Calgary 1988 Olympic Games. You can achieve this too!

Before & after

Before - Primal fitness
Before 2
After -Primal Fitness Results

Full Disclosure! You can see for yourself how I looked before and after. I was not obese, but I had a big inflamed gut weighing in at 190 Pounds. The majority of this was internal inflammation and water retention, carrying around an extra 30 Pounds! The visceral fat layer was never that much, which proves how grains and sugars cause internal inflammation and water retention, which is catastrophic to our health and longevity.

Notice also the improved muscle toning to lean rather than undefined. I did this in 6 months without a gruelling training schedule. In fact all I do is workout 3 times per week, the rest is all lifestyle and wellness based. The program is 100% natural with no added supplements.

You can achieve these results if you join my program, as long as you are accountable, determined and reliable, and stick to the program through the 3, 6 or 12 month period. You will transform your body and mind, you will never fall back into old bad habits and you will never regain the weight and lose muscle strength. Once you have transformed to a healthy and fit self with this lifestyle, you will simple never regress!

Disclaimer: Results wary from person to person, depending on starting point and commitment levels.

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