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Do you feel like sticking to a workout routine is challenging and time consuming? Are you disappointed with the lack of results, leading to you feeling demotivated and wanting to give up? No more; the Primal Fitness Method takes care of that. Our mantra is “less but right is more!“ Your weekly workout plan will be easy to manage, the workouts you will perform are efficient, fun and effective, taking no longer than 30 – 40 minutes. Most of the exercise will be performed at your home or outdoors on the beach or in parks. Connecting yourself with nature while exercising will energise you and make the workouts fly by! You will even start looking forward to working out!

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Do you feel like „eating healthy“ is a chore because you are busy and you are being told so many different stories about what is actually healthy? Should you be vegan, vegetarian, eat meat or fish? What’s actually good for you and will help you lose weight and feel good? You don’t need to worry about that anymore, because the truth is the Primal Lifestyle works and is designed around how we humans were supposed to eat, avoiding sugary and carbohydrate dense foods and drinks. The program is 100% natural without any supplements. You will get weekly and daily meals plans and will be personally guided on how to eat clean, natural food that will make you look and feel great!

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Do you have bad lifestyle habits, like not getting enough sleep, letting work stress you out, not having fun and neglecting your body and mind’s health. Replacing bad habits with good ones, is what we do living the Primal Lifestyle. Learn to incorporate quick, effortless daily lifestyle practices. It’s about learning to be aware and making daily changes. Adopting a fun and healthy lifestyle with lots of movement will make you feel awesome! You will be surprised how powerful small changes in your lifestyle can be. Once you’ve shifted into being aware and introduce these elements into your life, you will enjoy a much richer life and will in fact be more productive and less stressed.

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When was the last time you had a massage, meditated, took a walk on the beach or just relaxed reading a book in a beautiful setting? Looking after YOU, that is what wellness is all about. Most people don’t spend enough time on themselves, always rushing from one thing to another. Taking time for you and being kind to yourself, is a habit you want to build into your daily routine. The result will be a more relaxed, inspired and invigorated you! Learning about and exploring all the possible wellness practices is fun and liberating when it’s natural, and you will soon realise just how easy it is to look after yourself. Once you develop this habit you will not want to miss your wellness routine.

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Personal Primal Health Coaching Program

You can chose to work with me for any length of time from one month to indefinitely. I will not lock you into a defined time frame, recommendable however as a minimum is the 6 month program for this intensive one-on-one program to yield the best results for you. I hope you will have enjoyed the program and interaction with me so much that you will wish for me to remain your personal health coach, continually guiding, motivating and supporting you with your fitness, nutrition and health needs.

You will be provided with scientifically backed weekly nutritional guidelines and meal plans, you will learn how to shop, cook and eat out healthily. You will be training with me 3 to 4 times per week for 90 minute sessions, online or in person, we will talk about your health concerns and needs at least once a week, set goals together and agree to execute them on a weekly basis, while we recap the previous week at the beginning of each week. You can text or call me anytime for help, advise or any other concerns you may have. This program is personal and we will get to know and trust each other well.

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