My Luxury Primal Vacation Package is being hand picked and developed by me personally. I am tailoring this vacation package after researching, selecting and visiting all venues as well as meeting all people involved. With this Primal Lifestyle Vacation I guarantee you the time of your life! It will be fun, relaxed, active, healthy and exciting all in one.

Vacation Health Coaching Program
Beach Rocks Sea_Vacation Health Coaching Program

I work with wonderful locals who know Bali like their back pocket. You will have 100% inside information available at all times and will not be subjected to tourist traps, hotel concierge recommendations, overcharged or harassed.

I will provide you with the absolute best service and arrangements for every aspect of your vacation. You will not have a care in the world.

The Primal Lifestyle Vacation Package includes:

  • Luxury 5 Star Resort Accommodation
  • All Inclusive Primal Meals arranged by me, prepared by 5 Star Chefs
  • My Weekly Primal Fitness & Lifestyle Program
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation with a top Practitioner
  • Daily Massages
  • Day Trips to Magical Places (2-4 per week)
  • Restaurant Outings

Throughout your stay I will be present to hold one-on-one sessions as well as group classes. I will teach you the healthiest and most efficient way to achieve a Primal Lifestyle and be Healthy, Happy and Fit.

Vacation Health Coaching Program
Vacation Primal Health Coaching

A two-week minimum stay is recommended to achieve solid results and to have enough time to enjoy a wonderful time in Bali.

This Luxury Primal Lifestyle Vacation will not stress you in any way. You will not be confined to the resort or tied down to a regimented program. You are totally free to do whatever you please.

You can participate in the individual and group classes, fitness, yoga and mediation sessions or not, or just as much as you please. The only thing I must ask of you is to adhere to my meal plan as herein lays the success. 80% of achieving your Optimal Body Composition is down to Nutrition.

Rob Hourmont
A Primal Lifestyle, Bali

Vacation Health Coaching Program