June 2017

1 year ago after having heart related issues due to high blood pressure and stress, I was forced to have a defibrillator installed in my chest since I was considered a high stroke risk.  After repeatedly trying to deal with this issue, and basically ignoring advice from my doctor I was forced to do something about my health issues.  Rob introduced me to the Primal Lifestyle and especially on the nutritional side and made a big emphasis on adjusting my diet.  Rob came to visit me and did a complete pantry re-stock, went shopping with me to get the right foods and cooked for several days to get me started.  Rob is in Bali now but is in constant contact with me and helping me to continue in the right direction and become primal.  

A few weeks later, I was scheduled to meet with my doctor and I was somewhat hesitant to tell him about it for fear that he would want me to try something more traditional.  When I explained it to him, he went silent and got up and walked over to me and to my surprise gave me a big hug and explained that it was a great idea.  He explained to me why in the world would people discount a diet that worked for over 6000 years?  He also sarcastically told explained to me that he was puzzled why gluten was “only now” being discovered to cause dietary issues in people.  He congratulated me and also suggested that I make sure that I stay away from “bad carbs” that will negate the positive effects of my new lifestyle.  Way to go Rob!


Jack F.