Primal Blueprint carbohydrate curve

A great illustration of our carbohydrate intake, by Mark Sisson.

This is a clear guide of how many carbs we can eat a day and stay within a „healthy zone“.

Depending on your goals, you can manipulate this to your advantage and desires. The general population hangs out in the 200gm – 300gm or more zone.  As you can see, this leads to insidious and unstoppable weight gain, as our bodies cannot burn off the excess carbs, which turn into glucose in our bloodstream and are thus stored and locked away as triglycerides (fat cells), This means that we aren’t able to burn carbs.

Once you have adjusted to Primal nutrition and then hang out in the 150gm or lower zone, you will burn fat without a problem and become lean and strong, plus have an abundance of energy. Your life will change dramatically for the better.