What’s your Health and Well-Being worth to you?

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to invest in your health and well being? My coaching programs will get you on track and deliver results in an effective and efficient way, helping you lose excess body fat, achieve your optimal body composition and get you fit, lean, healthy and happy all around.

My Primal Health Coaching programs offer you just that. I will deliver results, as long as you follow the Nutrition – Fitness – lifestyle – Wellness program I am offering you.

You can chose to work with me for any length of time from one month to indefinitely. I will not lock you into a defined time frame, recommendable however as a minimum is the 6 month program for this intensive one-on-one program to yield the best results for you. I hope you will have enjoyed the program and interaction with me so much that you will wish for me to remain your personal health coach, continually guiding, motivating and supporting you with your fitness, nutrition and health needs.

You will be provided with scientifically backed weekly nutritional guidelines and meal plans, you will learn how to shop, cook and eat out healthily. You will be training with me 3 to 4 times per week for 90 minute sessions, online or in person, we will talk about your health concerns and needs at least once a week, set goals together and agree to execute them on a weekly basis, while we recap the previous week at the beginning of each week. You can text or call me anytime for help, advise or any other concerns you may have. This program is personal and we will get to know and trust each other well.

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