“Highest Energy Master Healing Meditation” with Guru Made Sumantra in Ubud, Bali.

Meditation is a key element of my Optimal Primal Lifestyle Program and something I have been practicing for quite some time myself. The problem I found with meditation is staying with it; meaning to find the self-discipline to practice on a regular basis, at the same time or times each day. It’s really not that hard to build a routine, but time or stress factors often seem to cut this very important practice short, when it should become a ritual and habit. It’s easy to say, “ah, it’s only one meditation session, I’ll catch up tomorrow”. Then before you know it you have missed a whole week. I’m guilty of just that, but no more!

Meditation is more than just meditation. It’s time you spend connecting with yourself and relaxing into your mind and body and coming to peace with you. If practiced correctly and on a regular basis, meditation becomes a habit. You can make it a super positive lifestyle and wellness habit that you just can’t miss. Once you get used to the practice and the peace, energy and power this can restore within your body and mind, it’s really something you need in your daily life and would feel unbalanced without.

My daily meditation routine:

  • Wake up at 5am, meditate for 15 minutes. 60 minutes mindful fast paced walking.
  • At around 10pm, 20 minutes meditation before going to sleep.

This routine will give you peace of mind during your day and help you sleep like a baby at night. Do this for 10 days and tell me that it’s worked wonders!


Living in Bali there is a lot of yoga and mediation going on all around you, but as always it’s hard to find the good guru’s and find a groove that you enjoy. I’m a lucky man, as I found Guru Made Sumantra a few months ago and have been to numerous of his yoga classes in Denpasar, Bali. He’s one of a kind and a very special individual. He’s highly regarded in Indonesia and is an official authority on healing yoga and meditation.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of building my online Primal Health Coaching Program was I able to find time and actually study healing mediation with Guru Made Sumantra. The Guru gently guided me through several hours of mediation techniques over a 3-day period. As we studied together in this highly immersed learning course, I have to say, I came away feeling like new.

I’d just been traveling over Christmas, which was stressful and difficult to say the least. I came back home not feeling all that great, mostly unsettled and somewhat unhappy. Kind of a bit lost. Sure, I’d just spent 10 wonderful days together with my kids, so I was missing them a lot, which added to the feeling of being a bit down. In any case, after spending my healing mediation time with Guru Made Sumantra, I came away feeling energized, happier, my spirits were lifted and I was motivated to work hard and enjoy life and be productive again. This really set me up to embrace the New Year full of zest and positivity.

His mediation technique is completely different, as it involves you interacting with yourself while meditating, and not just sitting still breathing. After practicing this for a few days I was looking forward to my next session with myself, because honestly, it’s addictive. I can’t wait to pass this healing meditation on to friends, family and clients. The Guru certified me (via the Indonesian government) as a meditation teacher of this particular style of meditation, so I should be able to help whoever wants some insight with this.

One of the best parts was the cleansing of my soul. Before I could commence the training I had to be cleansed in a Balinese Ceremony, which involved beads and flowers and a lot of cold water being poured over my head, which was a surprise, but lovely. I felt my shoulders being lifted. I felt worry and weight slip away.

If any of you are heading to Bali anytime soon, I highly recommend visiting Guru Made Sumantra. I will gladly take you to him and show you the best spots in Bali as well!

Rob Hourmont, from Bali
Your Health and Happiness are within your reach!

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