I agree to employ the Health Coaching Services of A Primal Health Lifestyle, Rob Hourmont (Rob), so that I can obtain information and guidance about health factors within my own control, utilizing a holistic health approach that includes diet, nutrition, fitness and related lifestyle behaviors. I understand that all comments, ideas, suggestions, and protocols offered by A Primal Lifestyle are solely for the purpose of aiding me in achieving my defined wellness goals.

A Primal Lifestyle Health Coach is not a physician, registered dietitian, or psychologist, and the scope of consultation services do not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illness of disorders.

If I suspect I may have an ailment or illness that requires medical attention, I will consult a licensed physician without delay. I acknowledge that while people generally experience greater health and wellness as a result of embracing a healthier attitude, lifestyle and diet, A Primal Lifestyle Health Coaching does not guarantee improvement in current illness, situation or protection from future illness.

I acknowledge that this coaching program is continuous throughout the agreed period. This is a life coaching program and takes place in person, online via e-mail, App, texts or voice calls. While this is a Personal Program, it does not have to take place in person only. If I am travelling for business or holidays, if my coach is travelling, the program continues during the agreed period and I cannot take breaks from the program. Payments are due at the beginning of each new month, no matter what my situation may be, other than for health reasons. I fully commit to the program and payment plan and agree to make timely payments at the beginning of each new coaching month.