A Primal Lifestyle Bali, Day 10

buying Strawberries

Swim SPRINT Session in Bali’s blue ocean at Nusa Dua Beach & Visit to the Denpasar Night Market.

Shopping fresh produce for me to make a favourite Primal Meal the next day!

After a great day of travel on Day 9 to the hills of Bali where I visited the traditional village of Ubud and it’s Rice Terraces – Day 10 kept me a bit more grounded close to base in Denpasar.

On todays menu – variety!

  1. Swim Sprint session early morning on the Nusa Dua Beach.
  2. Time for a well-deserved break, lunch and a massage to ease the tension in my legs from my steps sprints a couple of days before.
  3. Night Market Shopping – this was exciting as this market is hustling and bustling – bursting with amazing produce and people!

Swim Sprints:

Swim sprints are amazing and tough as nails thanks to the water resistance and having to time your breathing under water. These two factors make swim sprinting very challenging, but also extremely rewarding and low to no impact on joints. Yet swim sprints very much support bone density due to the heavy water resistance.

I enjoy swim sprints as I find the water soothing and despite this routine being hard, being in the water makes it more pleasurable.

The routine – simple:

6 x approximately 25 meters (80 feet)

1 – 2 minute break between sprints

Each sprint would take me between 20 and 25 seconds. Swimming open salt waters in the waves makes it that much tougher. Very satisfying and rewarding.

Denpasar Night Market:

When I heard about this 24-hour market I was sure to be going there that same night. Being it’s cooler and the night atmosphere would be gripping. I wasn’t disappointed.

The produce was so fresh and colourful – and cheap, so cheap it was hard to comprehend. 8 Avocadoes for $4 and 4 large boxes of Strawberries for $6. In the USA or Europe we pay like 10 times this.

The prices were nice, but to find everything so fresh and nicely presented was a treat.

It was so enjoyable to roam and shop this market because the people there are so friendly and helpful.

I managed to secure many great vegetables, eggs, meat and fruit for my Primal cooking show to happen the next day.

Stay tuned for the cooking. 

The Message:

Swim sprints, steps sprints, running sprints, you name it. They are all great. Stay diversified, as it will make you enjoy every workout way more and it will pose a bigger challenge to your body, as each workout is always very different. Your body and heart likes variety – so does your mind. It will make you much happier.


Keep up those sprints!

Food shopping – you know it by now. Go as close as you can to the farmers and put an effort into shopping for what you will feed your temple. Don’t take short cuts. Make shopping for great food part of your lifestyle and culture.

Besides nurturing yourself well, you are supporting local farmers and organisations that support a sustainable way of growing fruit, vegetables and meats.


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